Top 237 Twitter Users Who Will Follow You Back

As Twitter hits its stride and emerges as a juggernaut in social media, the top users on the site are distancing themselves from the pack.  The race to 1,000,000 followers will be achieved in a few months by some accounts.  With such strong followings, many new or inactive Twitter users may not think that there are top accounts that will follow them back.

On the contrary, there are many. In fact, many users with tens of thousands of followers will follow just about everyone back.  Some use tools to automatically follow anyone who follows them. Others actually go through and manually add their new followers. Regardless of the method, these 237 accounts will most likely follow you back, even if you’re a Twitter newbie.

Twitter Followers

(image source: ProBlogger’s excellent article about growing your Twitter presence)

100,000+ Followers

  1. BarackObama
  2. DowningStreet
  3. TheOnion

50,000-100,000 Followers

  1. GuyKawasaki
  2. Starbucks
  3. Scobleizer
  4. BigRichB
  5. Astronautics
  6. CaseyWright
  7. PerryBelcher
  8. AlohaArleen
  9. Nansen
  10. TheBusyBrain
  11. RobMcNealy
  12. MichaeMillman
  13. Zaibatsu
  14. WBAustin

40,000-50,000 Followers

  1. Jonathan360
  2. HashTags
  3. TheDigitalLife
  4. Andrew303
  5. ESPN
  6. MrSocial
  7. ChrisPirillo
  8. Stejules
  9. DaveMalby
  10. Eleesha

30,000-40,000 Followers

  1. CraigTeich
  2. StephenKruiser
  3. Jerell
  4. BradHoward
  5. Foodimentary
  6. ScotMcKay
  7. EdStivala
  8. RockingJude
  9. ShannonSeek
  10. RadioBlogger
  11. MikeKlingler
  12. RonnieWilson
  13. DanTanner
  14. MikePFS
  15. TechXav
  16. SocialMediaClub
  17. FLWBooks
  18. Kamper
  19. AndrewWindham

20,000-30,000 Followers

  1. Oliver_Turner
  2. _SamJones
  3. KMesiab
  4. Mark33
  5. StanleyTang
  6. Barefoot_Exec
  7. JackBastide
  8. NicheTitans
  9. MarketingZap
  10. PragueBob
  11. Twitter_Tips
  12. TwitPic
  13. 00Joe
  14. JeanetteJoy
  15. OHHDLInfo
  16. MariaAndros
  17. JeanLucR
  18. TMaduri
  19. TwitLive
  20. ImogenHeap
  21. NewMediaJim
  22. MarkDavidson
  23. OpenZine
  24. BryantSmith
  26. DrJeffersnBoggs
  27. JayOatway
  28. Upicks
  29. Gemstars
  30. MichDdot
  31. SethSimonds
  32. JesseNewhart
  33. Zefrank
  34. RichCurrie
  35. KarlRove
  36. SitePointdotcom
  37. iPodiums
  38. AlexKaris
  39. HoleInHisEye
  40. Pistachio
  41. OudiAntebi
  42. DSMPublishing
  43. PeterSantilli
  44. Orrin_Woodward
  45. QueenoftheClick
  46. StockTwits
  47. MarketingProfs
  48. MariSmith

10,000-20,000 Followers

  1. MarcWarnke
  2. Debbas
  3. SteveWeber
  4. TUAW
  5. KikiValdes
  6. WayneMansfield
  7. USBargains
  8. Rex7
  9. CoffeeTweet
  10. LarryLanier
  11. JulieRoy
  12. JamesRivers
  13. MikeFilsaime
  14. Montaignejns
  15. SeanMalarkey
  16. WebAddict
  17. LarryBrauner
  18. Leplan
  19. AaronMartirano
  20. JeffPulver
  21. Teedubya
  22. DCRBlogs
  23. ShawnRobinson
  24. KonaEndurance
  25. TradingGoddess
  26. JohnReese
  27. InfadelsAreCool
  28. Techhie
  29. Nabbit
  30. DiyanaAlcheva
  31. Unmarketing
  32. Meteorit
  33. TrafficGen
  34. StaffInSeconds
  35. PeterDrew
  36. LittleQuiz
  37. TeddyShabba
  38. DawudMiracle
  39. RightWingNews
  40. OutsideMyBrain
  41. Dollars5
  42. MediaBistro
  43. Adnagam
  44. COasis
  45. NicholasPatten
  46. AlexisNeely
  47. EverywhereTrip
  48. E_Stampede
  49. ChristianFea
  50. MojoJuju
  51. eMom
  52. RizzoTees
  53. Anexemines
  54. AmericanElement
  55. TravisGreenlee
  56. RickySantos
  57. PawLuxury
  58. KrisColvin
  59. PinkElephantPun
  60. JasonFinch
  61. LonnieHodge
  62. JanSimpson
  63. Stickham
  64. DaveLawrence
  65. CaliDeals
  66. JamesByers
  67. JeffHerring
  68. Linc4Justice
  69. GSpowart
  70. HowardBienstock
  71. Peter_R_Casey
  72. BettyDraper
  73. MichaelEmlong
  74. Dexin
  75. The_Gman
  76. BobCallahan
  77. TrendTracker
  78. TylerTorment
  79. GarinKilpatrick
  80. Jim_Turner
  81. Ann_Sieg
  82. Ken_Cosgrove
  83. Frostfire
  84. Pat_Lorna
  85. WineTwits
  86. BradFallon
  87. TimJensen
  88. PhotoCanvas
  89. JasonMitchener
  90. Bill_Romanos
  91. MikeMayhew
  92. HawaiiRealty
  93. 9Miles
  94. Sotero_Garcia
  95. Loyalty360
  96. WeirdChina
  97. MarkRMatthews
  98. SteveOuch
  99. Socrates_Soc
  100. Comcastcares
  101. ChrisMoreschi
  102. CoffeeCupNews
  103. WillieCrawford
  104. LouieBaur
  105. Coolsi
  106. Nicolane
  107. NixTheNews
  108. EzineArticles
  109. Hubpages
  110. ChrisSpagnuolo
  111. FredaMooncotch
  112. SheriTingle
  113. JustingLover
  114. ShortAwards
  115. Flap
  116. SuggestionBox
  117. JimDeMint
  118. TweetStats
  119. theBilly
  120. ThaPaparazza
  121. WritingHannah
  122. 0Boy
  123. ThinkGeek
  124. LanceScoular
  125. MayhemStudios
  126. TraderAdvice
  127. Dana_Willhoit
  128. JimmySmithTrain
  129. JoelDrapper
  130. Kidscash
  131. KellyShibari
  132. SteveGarfield
  133. JasonTryfon
  134. DanSchawbel
  135. LookCook
  136. JudyRey
  137. MJBerry
  138. EdwardMoore
  139. BlackBottoms
  140. DougH
  141. CrumCake
  142. ProsperityGal
  143. Lotay
  144. JudyRey

How to Use this List

Regardless of what stage you are in Twitter, if your goal is to accumulate active followers, the people on this list are good for that.  Most on the list are active and interact with their followers on a daily basis. They retweet to their followers when they find something interesting on or off Twitter and many of them post high-quality tweets.

Some do not, and you’ll be able to identify the spammers and self-serving users from what appears in your stream. This list has not been validated for quality (maybe a future blog post) but rather to help new and experienced users grow their followers.

Unfortunately, I did the list backwards. Anyone who wants to grow their Twitter account should start from the bottom and work their way up, adding all 237 either all at once or spread out over time. The advantage of adding from this list is two-fold:

Obviously, as these users have demonstrated a willingness to follow those who follow them, it gives you a likely additional follower.

The side-benefit of adding from this list is that once you follow them, your account will, for a short period of time, be at the top of their followers list. Many users build their Twitter followers by adding the followers of users such as these, so being at the top increases your account’s exposure and the number of opportunities for other users to follow you.

This blog does not condone “Twitter Follower Spam” or whatever you would like to call the practice of adding a ton of followers, unfollowing them later, and adding more in a vicious cycle of growth, but hey, it works, and many people do it. This is just a resource to help users at every level build their accounts as quickly as they would like.

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About JD Rucker

+JD Rucker is Editor at Soshable, a Social Media Marketing Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and founder of both Judeo Christian Church and Dealer Authority. He drinks a lot of coffee, usually in the form of a 5-shot espresso over ice. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


  1. Hmmm…and you don’t even care that you are a bunch of panting sheep just asking to be marketed to by people you don’t know and who don’t know you (and in many cases aren’t even who they say they are because twitter doesn’t verify accounts!)…

    Sure (said the spider to the fly)…follow me!

  2. I would be on this list but I tend to scare away people who have sensitive feelings, small children, and worry that cursing will cause them to spend eternity in MIAMI.

  3. Just to update errors the list:

    In the 10k-20k list, #66 JamesByers seems to be a “Suspended Account” when you click to Twitter. So, might need to remove that one.

    Also in the 10k-20k list, #136 JudyRey also appears as #144.

    Thanks for the list and keep up the great work. It would be great if you could add me at the bottom @bubbo as I follow back anyone who follows me as well!

    – Michael

  4. Where are the Polish twitter users? Follow me and I always follow you back

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  8. Awesome resource for tuning in to Twitter World as it evolves Thanks I’ll follow back anyone who’s got a glass half full attitude to life Cheers KF

  9. Great advice. Thank you.

  10. Nice post- This is for Lydia and the others who believe following ppl with more 5K followers cause we won’t follow back or we dont talk to regular ppl. Guess what? we are all regular ppl, now the celebrities won’t talk to you – cause they probably are like that – but the rest of us – just try and talk – it will be okay-

    Nice post -

  11. #81 Ann_Sieg – Her link is incorrect!

    Just started a new Twitter site, looking for followers and feedback. Thanks again for the list, really a great way to start your Twitter list.

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    You make the teen entrepreneurs of the world proud!

    Keep up the great work!


  15. follow me and i will follow you!

  16. Ricky Rodriguez says:
  17. As of yesterday I finally broke 1000 followers and feel that I have a little Tweet Cred. I don’t tweet that often…so my numbers aren’t awesome. I am just amazed at the amount of time people spend on Twitter and still do other things – like not crashing their cars or silly things like that. By the way, I follow back too:

  18. Love this! Always happy and ready to follow all who follow me :)

  19. Great list, very helpful.

  20. I don’t want Karl Rove following me.

  21. Creepypasta always follows back, and lurks in your darkest nightmares.

  22. I will go through this list.

  23. Currently I have 2,649, nowhere near the standards of above, but I ALWAYS follow those who follow me as it is the respectful thing to do! The only ones that I take exception to are people who don’t bother to participate in posting new things now and then, people who just try to sell you something every tweet and of course those bloody spam bots! So there you go, I ain’t on no big list but I don’t care, I think therefore I am so feel free to follow me @ :-)

  24. Ricky Rodriguez says:

    Great site! follow me and i will follow you

  25. Ricky Rodriguez says:

    Love the site! follow me and I will follow you

  26. not only do i follow anyone who follows me, i’d love to hear your story if it’s interesting in anyway!!! t -> @PilonBignell

  27. Hi JD, I’ve long advocated “follower generosity” at and have been on autofollow since day one. Great list!

  28. I’m impressed with the list too. So I’m jumping on the bandwagon as well. Add me at

  29. Just started Tweeting last week. I’m a normal person, I won’t spam you with articles. Looking for other normal people to follow. =)

  30. While this may increase the signal-to-noise ratio a little, i see nothing wrong with reciprocal ‘followerships’ good work, 0boy.

    Nice to see it make another go-round of re-tweets ;-)

  31. Hello…i am using twitter from long time but it is realy a amzing information for twitter. and i want to know about thathow to increase to twitter friends and folloewrs
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  32. Once you have a lot of followers, here’s a list of 82 ways you can tweet — so you’ll never run out of ideas: Started with 30, grew to 50, now 82 ways.

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    Hi, Great post, i always happy to follow you if you like to follow me, Thanks

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  35. Approaching 2,000 followers. If you follow me I will follow you back :-)

  36. I’m on Twitter too! Follow me and I’ll follow you back!!

  37. You might want to put a disclaimer that these sorts of lists can result in people being removed from services like socialtoo which have said they will ban people who follow who build followers from autofollow lists.

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    All is Well

  42. anyone interested in Dutch tweets?

    Great chance to have a go at translation widgets :-)


    I follow-back non-spammers and have a love-hate relationship with dashed-words.

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