Duped on Digg? Not Anymore (hopefully)

A few months ago we covered some of the updates that Digg had made to help prevent duplicated submissions. Now, Digg has (hopefully) lived up to its promise of combating the dupe problem once and for all.

In their blog post today, Digg announced that they are going to use some of the technology that they developed in their improved search function to find stories that are either the exact same story fromt he same site with different URLs or similar stories from different sources that are basically saying the same thing.

A minor point in all of this is that they have moved the duplicate detection to the front of the submission process rather than being the last step. This is a nice feature for those who spend a good deal of time crafting the right headline, description, and selecting the right category only to find out later that the story or some form of it had already been submitted.

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