Dealership Gets Social with ‘Keys in a Box’ Spoof Video

Keys in a Box

When a local company tries to spoof something, it normally fails miserably. It can come across cheesy, risky, and unprofessional. In the case of Oak Lawn Toyota‘s spoof of a popular SNL skit, the end result was pretty darn spot on.

They made the video below based upon “D**k in a Box”, a popular skit that featured Andy (Andy Samberg) and Raif (Justin Timberlake). The production level, scripting, sound, and everything about what the dealership did was exceptional.

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Spoof about Digg: Money and Bannings, The Future of Digg

Kevin and JayWhen my wife brought this to my attention, she was worried.  She noticed that some of our friends were on the list of upcoming bannings and thought we should warn them.

The sad part is not that she did not recognize it as a spoof.  The sad part is that it COULD HAVE BEEN TRUE.  With the eratic behavior that Digg and its upper management have been displaying of late, there is no telling what they might try to pull next.  Zaibatsu – gone.  FameMoney – gone.  DiggBoss – gone.  Countless others – gone, gone, gone. [Read more…]