Call to Compile a List of Social Media Sites

Hello friends!  I want to compile a list of social media websites.  All of them.

Social Media Master List

We all know the basics – Digg, Mixx, Reddit, Propeller, etc. – but what about the others?  There are probably three hundred trillion of them, give or take, and I would like to compile a complete list.  If you know of any, please post them here in the comments.


Digg, Give Script Users a Second Chance

After the first round of bannings, I made a bet with MikeonTV.  He said that, despite Digg saying that the bans were permanent, that they would get it all straightened out and give them a second chance if they sent an email saying they wouldn’t break the rules any more and would delete all scripts from their computer.  My thought was that Digg does not go back on their “word” when it comes to these types of issues (even though they have gone back on their word on other issues, but that’s not for this post) and nobody would be given a second chance whether they deserved it or not.

Sadly, I was right.

Most everyone knows the history.  This post is really for Digg to (hopefully) read. Continue reading Digg, Give Script Users a Second Chance

Need a Good Recipe? Try the Digg Front Page!

Artichoke RecipeIn its humble beginnings, Digg was a tech-stories site at heart.

The heart has changed over the years, and recently politics have been dominant, appealing to the hearts and minds of the Internet’s Web 2.0 users.

Now, Digg has a different kind of heart.  Specifically, Digg loves artichoke hearts.

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Continue reading Need a Good Recipe? Try the Digg Front Page!

Spoof about Digg: Money and Bannings, The Future of Digg

Kevin and JayWhen my wife brought this to my attention, she was worried.  She noticed that some of our friends were on the list of upcoming bannings and thought we should warn them.

The sad part is not that she did not recognize it as a spoof.  The sad part is that it COULD HAVE BEEN TRUE.  With the eratic behavior that Digg and its upper management have been displaying of late, there is no telling what they might try to pull next.  Zaibatsu – gone.  FameMoney – gone.  DiggBoss – gone.  Countless others – gone, gone, gone. Continue reading Spoof about Digg: Money and Bannings, The Future of Digg

At Digg, the Bannings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Banned on DiggIt seems that Digg is being a little hard on the Beaver.  The banned count is nearing the century mark with no end in sight.  While it is fair to ban those who have broken the rules, the tough part to swallow is the fact that most if not all of the recently dismissed seem to be in a permanent state of oblivion.  Digg really needs to consider some aspects of their site and their users before giving no second chances to the majority who have been banned.

In short, this is a plea to Digg.

While many are rejoicing at the idea of the “cheaters” getting banned, I would like to point out a few things.  Yes, there was a blog post, and yes, it is in the TOS, but few people read the blog posts and nobody reads the TOS.  Even though ignorance of the law is no excuse in any state other than California, the proper way to handle this is to suspend the accounts until they agree to follow the rules. Continue reading At Digg, the Bannings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Mixx vs Propeller: One’s Going Up, the Other, well

Propeller vs MixxRecent changes at both Propeller and Mixx have pushed the inevitable forward.  Mixx, the brainchild of Chris McGill, has been poised for success for about a year now.  Propeller, the once-proud Netscape, was doomed the moment that AOL stepped into the picture.

If recent trends on Alexa (which we all know are not always accurate) give any indication about what is happening, then Mixx is making the move to become the 3rd choice amonst social media sites.  Propeller, on the other hand, is heading down, down, down as users have expressed concerns about a lack of communication from the administrators as well as a disastrous redesign that threatened to push its dwindling core of users off to another site (perhaps even Mixx). Continue reading Mixx vs Propeller: One’s Going Up, the Other, well