5 Social Media Lessons Lutz Bachmann Learned this Week

Over the years, we’ve seen dozens, perhaps hundreds of prominent examples of social media posts from the past coming back to haunt someone. It’s bad when it’s someone else who posted an image that got someone fired or otherwise personally damaged. It’s worse when the individual posts something stupid on their own.

A very easy example to latch onto is the story of Lutz Bachmann, former leader of Germany’s Pegida protest movement. They have been mostly considered a fringe hate group until the terror incidents in Paris fueled their anti-Muslim protests and made their ranks swell. Right when they were on the verge of getting the type of following that would make them powerful, their witless leader was found to have posted a selfie as Adolf Hitler.

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The Social Reason that Transparent Pricing Works

If one didn’t know any better, they might believe that our company was in the business of helping dealers price vehicles. We’re not. We’re a social company first and foremost, but there’s a reason that we point most of our clients towards Automark Solutions. It just makes sense.

Today’s example came to us through a non-client. It was a friend in the business who was having pricing challenges at their dealership. Apparently, they were getting eaten alive on social media by a customer who was not very pleased with the way that their online pricing didn’t reflect the pricing that they actually qualified for in their situation. Technically, it wasn’t even a customer of the dealership that was delivering the trouble but rather a boyfriend of a girl whose mother had the experience.

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Bringing Back the Social News Watching

A hiatus. We went on one with this particular blog. It’s not that we lost any passion for the concept that launched Social News Watch back in 2007. We just got busy delivering automotive social media awesomeness to clients, but thankfully growth and strong hiring have allowed me to look back at the things I had to let go and put the right effort back into them.

Social News Watch is one of those ancient projects that is about to see a rejuvenation. We’ve continued to post social media content on sites like DealerBar and DrivingSales, but now it’s time to get back to our roots. Let me explain.

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TIL It’s Illegal to Lie About Someone on Twitter

Perhaps I was just being naive. I always assumed that the things that you say on Twitter were protected under free speech and opinions could be posted without recourse as long as they weren’t designed to spread misinformation. With all of the fake death reports about celebrities and people calling each other names, it didn’t seem like there were really very many boundaries.

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A Simple Take on Social Media Influence

There’s a fine line between actually influencing people and having the right type of social media presence that makes it look like you’re influencing people. Unfortunately, there are too many services and techniques used today that allow people to inflate the perception of their influence, often in an attempt to appear more influential than they really are in order to get work, particularly in social media itself.

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The Easiest Way to Waste Money on Facebook

Dodge Avenger Event

Looking at the screenshot above of the landing page that Facebook took me to when I clicked on Dodge’s advertisement in the sidebar, one might believe everything was in order. It’s not exceptionally attractive and definitely offers way too many options to be a strong landing page from a social media campaign, but at least it’s pretty compelling. The clear call to action – get a quote. There’s a payment offer for those who want such things. There’s a financing term offer for those who like 0%. There’s a cash back offer for those who want to pay less.

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