Cleaning the Shoutwaves: Digg makes changes to shout system

Shouts.  I noticed a couple of changes in the way that shouts work.  I could be wrong, as I wasn’t much of a shouter, so please feel free to flame me if none of this is news to you.

A week and a half ago, we published Lost in a Sea of Shouts: 7 Ways Digg can Fix the System.  It made it to the front page of Digg, but as fate would have it, it occurred just after 3am PST on Sunday morning — the worst possible time to go popular.

Whether someone at Digg read the article and started applying the changes (highly unlikely) or if they had already recognized the flaws themselves and changes were in the works for a while (much more likely), it still looks good that 2 of the 7 suggestions seem to have come true: Continue reading Cleaning the Shoutwaves: Digg makes changes to shout system

Using Famous Digg to Shout Personal Messages

Digg’s shout system is currently flawed. Spamming through the shout system is simple, while sending messages to all of your friends is difficult and time consuming.

Here’s an idea that might just work: using a well recognized od digg as a code to let your friends know that what you’re sending isn’t spam. Currently, many users, especially those with lots of friends, have a hard time because of the sheer bulk of shout spam that they receive on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis.

This is an idea that could fix the system until Digg steps up and fixes it themselves.

But if instead of Digg, you need VC money:

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