Why I’m Skipping #FollowFriday this Week

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely appreciate every recommendation I get and I try to sincerely recommend those I believe bring value to Twitter.

With that said, #FollowFriday has become cumbersome and at times annoying.  What started off as an incredible idea has turned into a race for many.  There are those who recommend hundreds, even thousands of users every week. While I will not presume the intentions of those who do this, it can be assumed that at least some are doing it in hopes of receiving #FollowFriday recommendations back from those they recommend.

This week, I’m skipping it.

I’ll be back next week, I’m sure, but this week I will not recommend anyone. There are so many worthy of recommendations, but I would love to see it return to what it once was.

Follow Friday

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