Dodge is Furious

Dodge’s lineup of cars has had an impressive film pedigree for decades, with both the muscle cars and heavy conversion vans making appearances in hundreds of different films. However, it was the final scene of The Fast and The Furious’ first offering that truly turned some heads. Featuring a maxed out Dodge Charger navigating the streets of California in a high speed pursuit, this movie brought the Dodge lineup to millions of viewers.

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The Easiest Way to Waste Money on Facebook

Dodge Avenger Event

Looking at the screenshot above of the landing page that Facebook took me to when I clicked on Dodge’s advertisement in the sidebar, one might believe everything was in order. It’s not exceptionally attractive and definitely offers way too many options to be a strong landing page from a social media campaign, but at least it’s pretty compelling. The clear call to action – get a quote. There’s a payment offer for those who want such things. There’s a financing term offer for those who like 0%. There’s a cash back offer for those who want to pay less.

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