How to Get Your First Digg Front Page in One Week

Digg Front PageMost who give advice about Digg say that the fastest way to get to the front page is by being active, picking out the right friends, digging all of their submissions, and waiting until they add you back. Once you have enough friends, look for strong content to submit and VOILA! you hit.

For most, this is the most valid plan. It can take time and effort, but it’s possible to take an account that isn’t very old and get it to the front page within a couple of weeks.  There is another tactic that’s faster but requires Instant Messaging in bulk (ie, semi-spamming) to get to the front page. This is a valid way as well and an entire post can be written about the proper use of IM as a Digg front page strategy.

Today, we’re going to bypass the work and make it simple. There are a few sites that have a tremendous chance of hitting the front page – so good in fact that they are always posted to Digg within seconds of the content going live. This is the strategy that we’re going to discuss because someone who is brand new (or at least a couple of days old) on Digg can make their first submission hit the front page regardless of their current number of friends. Continue reading How to Get Your First Digg Front Page in One Week

Election’s Over. It’s Picture Time Again on Digg

Digg PicsNow that the election and post-election elation is over, it’s time for Digg to go back to basics.

Very basic.

Yes, now that McCain/Palin bashing is over and the Obama love-fest is waning, Digg will rapidly return to its primary reason for existence: funny pictures.  As can be seen at any given moment on the “Top in All Topics” widget on their right toolbar, it’s time for lolcats, funny signs, photoshop ingenuity, and paint by numbers to make its triumphant return atop the most Dugg “media”.

I’m so excited.  Can you tell?

* * *

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