Digg the Candidates: Not much to analyze here

When Digg released their Digg the Candidates section back in September, we made lots of predictions.  Luckily for Digg and for America, most were wrong.

Still, it has been a huge disappointment so far.  Digg put together an excellent section with appropriate features and nice opportunities for the candidates to interact with their supporters, as well as those who support other candidates.  It should have been a great thing, with many of our predictions coming true.  They didn’t.

Prediction 1: Ron Paul will dominate this through Diggs, submissions, and fans.

Obviously, we were right about the fans, but that wasn’t exactly a stretch of a prediction.  He currently has over 15k, more than Obama, Clinton, and every Republican candidate combined.  In retrospect, we should have known that it wasn’t possible for him to submit a ton.  There are too many supporters who scramble to submit the stories about him for him.  I’m shocked his team has been able to submit 9. Continue reading Digg the Candidates: Not much to analyze here