69% of Catchy Blog Titles Utilize Sexual Innuendo

Okay, so we totally made that statistic up… and that’s the point.

There are three components to building a successful blog: title, images, and social reach. Content is only important in keeping a site successful over time and building up a loyal readership, but the best content in the world will not be seen by anyone if it’s not exposed to enough people. That’s not doubletalk. It’s an unfortunate fact. With all of the competition out there for blogs, trying to find success goes well beyond great content.

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Pwned: The StumbleUpon Digg Experiment Initial Results

First, a disclaimer about this experiment and the analysis.

In retrospect, this experiment was flawed.  The subject matter and style of delivery was very clearly geared in favor of one of the combatants.  When it was initially conceived, it was decided that the experiment would best be delivered through a post that announced itself.  By checking traffic statistics on a post titled: “The StumbleUpon Digg Experiment”, there would be equal billing, equal exposure, and most importantly, equal chances through the delivery methods to give both sides a chance.

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More Social News Watch is in the Works

Hello friends.  Several have asked when the Social Media Superstar story is coming.  The answer is: very soon.

We’ve been going through some transitions over here lately.  One of the writers has moved on to bigger and better things, leaving social media to pursue a career in search engine optimization.  No hard feelings, but now we need more writers and contributors.

We started a new blog, one that is not in Digg autobury status.  That did not have anything to do with the decision to start it, but we felt that having two separate venues would allow us to truly focus this blog on social media and let the other blog cover social media, social bookmarking, social networks, and everything social.

Thus, soshable.com was born.

Changes in my wordload will allow us to spend more time blogging and promoting a couple of social networking projects we’re working on.  That, I guess, is the point of this post.  We’ll be posting some strong stories on here and other places soon, but for now, ANY suggestions on story ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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The Year that Stumble and Digg will hit the Bridge Club Level

This really should be two separate stories, but we’ll consolidate because there are just to many similarities in the reasons why both Digg and StumbleUpon will take their already-mammoth popularity and truly become household names beyond just the tech households of the world.

Social media in general is growing, but there is still a thin but clear gap between the point that Digg and StumbleUpon currently enjoy and that next level that would yield exponential growth in visitors, pageviews, and popularity.  Call it the tipping point, and there are several points in a website’s life that can be called that, but this particular one is the last that either will enjoy. Continue reading The Year that Stumble and Digg will hit the Bridge Club Level