The Advantages of Blogging

Okay, so you’re thinking about adding a blog to your social media repertoire, but you’re unsure what potential it has for your personal website or your business. Blogs have a number of purposes, both for individuals and corporations. Either way you look at it, you’re a brand, and blogging helps to endorse that brand. There are number of other uses for blogging besides establishing your brand, but when doing so, you must at least establish a tangible goal.

SEO – SEO stands for search engine optimization, which means a blog will help your business or brand gain that coveted top spot when it comes to search engines. Blogging is known to increase your SEO rankings by 50% if it done consistently. Publishing a blog every week, for a business, is a great way to keep pushing against the glass ceiling in order to break into the top of all search rankings. For an individual, SEO is also important. If your goal is to get your stuff read, people need to be able to find it, and SEO will help with that.

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69% of Catchy Blog Titles Utilize Sexual Innuendo

Okay, so we totally made that statistic up… and that’s the point.

There are three components to building a successful blog: title, images, and social reach. Content is only important in keeping a site successful over time and building up a loyal readership, but the best content in the world will not be seen by anyone if it’s not exposed to enough people. That’s not doubletalk. It’s an unfortunate fact. With all of the competition out there for blogs, trying to find success goes well beyond great content.

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Bogus Lawsuits, Wins and Losses, Don’t Buy It, and Other Recent News About Digg is always a popular topic on blogs and tech news sites, but recently, it’s been the word of the day.  Instead of posting links to dozens of stories, we’ve hand-picked and summarized some of the best ones over the last couple of weeks.  Some are funny, some are sad, but no matter what, Digg is in the news. Continue reading Bogus Lawsuits, Wins and Losses, Don’t Buy It, and Other Recent News About Digg