The Advantages of Blogging

Okay, so you’re thinking about adding a blog to your social media repertoire, but you’re unsure what potential it has for your personal website or your business. Blogs have a number of purposes, both for individuals and corporations. Either way you look at it, you’re a brand, and blogging helps to endorse that brand. There are number of other uses for blogging besides establishing your brand, but when doing so, you must at least establish a tangible goal.

SEO – SEO stands for search engine optimization, which means a blog will help your business or brand gain that coveted top spot when it comes to search engines. Blogging is known to increase your SEO rankings by 50% if it done consistently. Publishing a blog every week, for a business, is a great way to keep pushing against the glass ceiling in order to break into the top of all search rankings. For an individual, SEO is also important. If your goal is to get your stuff read, people need to be able to find it, and SEO will help with that.

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Titles Affect Blog Traffic Instantly

Blog Titles

There are all sorts of tips, tricks, and techniques to drive more traffic to a blog. They usually involve either paying for it in some way, improving an avenue such as through search engine optimization, or building subscribers. The reality is this – all of these things take time. What doesn’t take time other than the effort that is required to make it happen is writing better blog post titles. The right titles can increase blog traffic. The wrong titles can desperately hurt it. This is an immediate effect.

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