The Social Reason that Transparent Pricing Works

Social Mobile

If one didn’t know any better, they might believe that our company was in the business of helping dealers price vehicles. We’re not. We’re a social company first and foremost, but there’s a reason that we point most of our clients towards Automark Solutions. It just makes sense.

Today’s example came to us through a non-client. It was a friend in the business who was having pricing challenges at their dealership. Apparently, they were getting eaten alive on social media by a customer who was not very pleased with the way that their online pricing didn’t reflect the pricing that they actually qualified for in their situation. Technically, it wasn’t even a customer of the dealership that was delivering the trouble but rather a boyfriend of a girl whose mother had the experience.

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Big Data Needs a Great Interpreter to be Effective

Data Analytics

I really don’t like dashboards. They tend to make a lot of sense to the people who built them as well as the people who work with them regularly, but those who do not use them all the time tend to have challenges in finding uses for them. Even the best dashboards are more beautiful than effective.

This wasn’t always the case. I’ve participated in building dashboards in the past. We made them visually stunning, loaded with data, and intuitive to the point that they would adjust based upon the users’ preferences. This is great, but what I’ve learned over the years is that they really don’t bring much value to the average business. In our world, the automotive industry, there is no shortage of dashboards that present data nicely, but it’s hard to find dealers who use them properly. It’s not that they can’t. It’s that the time and effort it takes to digest the data, no matter how wonderfully it’s presented, often falls to the wayside as a luxury activity. In the car business, the people who would get the most value out of a great dashboard are the people who are too busy to use them properly.

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Bringing Back the Social News Watching


A hiatus. We went on one with this particular blog. It’s not that we lost any passion for the concept that launched Social News Watch back in 2007. We just got busy delivering automotive social media awesomeness to clients, but thankfully growth and strong hiring have allowed me to look back at the things I had to let go and put the right effort back into them.

Social News Watch is one of those ancient projects that is about to see a rejuvenation. We’ve continued to post social media content on sites like DealerBar and DrivingSales, but now it’s time to get back to our roots. Let me explain.

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Tesla is Playing the Media Perfectly

Tesla Store

It’s amazing when a spin doctor is able to make a good chunk of people believe in the wrong thing. The way that Tesla is playing their hand for the media, the consumer advocacy groups, and the consumers is nothing short of masterful.

First and foremost, let’s make two things very clear:

  1. We do not condemn Tesla for what they’re doing. While it may end up hurting the automotive industry and consumers if they push too hard, the idea of them wanting to keep their chosen sales model in place is absolutely nothing that we object to or disrespect. In their shoes, we would probably be doing the exact same thing.
  2. We do not support the car dealers around the country because of bias on our part. For full disclosure, car dealers are our clients. That means that we want them to succeed. For this particular situation, we are taking off our self-serving hat and looking at the facts of the situation because when you dig into the matter from a comprehensive perspective, you’ll see that their concerns are valid.

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US East Coast Seems to Be Safer for Drivers

Snow Driving

Call it the experience of driving in bad weather. Call it a lifestyle trend that people are simply safer. Call it blind luck. For one reason or another, it seems as if anyone east of Tennessee has less of a chance of being in a fatal accident than the rest of the country.

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How Will Fiat’s Strength Push Chrysler to the Top


Just recently Sergio Marchionne, who is the CEO of both Fiat and Chrysler, announced the final acquisition of the remainder of Chrysler.  Fiat already owned 58.5% of Chrysler and an agreement was recently reached to purchase the remainder for $4.35 billion.  What does this mean for both Fiat and Chrysler?

What this means is Chrysler is on the rise and fast.  In the fourth quarter alone, Chrysler recorded an increase in profits of $659 million without the tax break they were granted which is valued at $962 million brining their actual quarterly profits to $1.62 billion, an increase in more than $1 billion in profits.  Couple this with the manufacturing advancements Fiat has put in place and Chrysler is going to own the market and fast. [Read more…]