2016 Volvo S80: An Aged Beauty

Even though vehicles are not considered to be like wine and cheese, getting better with age, the Volvo S80 is an aging sedan that is certainly worth a look and your consideration.  As the years have progressed so has the S80 which offers comfort, safety, a long list of great features and a subtle styling that has long become a part of the charm of a Volvo sedan.  This car benefits from a fantastic new modern four-cylinder turbocharged engine that gives it some decent efficiency in a class where efficiency does not typically make the top of any buyer’s list. Continue reading 2016 Volvo S80: An Aged Beauty

What is Powering the 2016 Ford Explorer?

When you went shopping for the Ford Explorer for 2015 the base model might have left something to be desired.  The engine was a low powered 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine that did not offer trailering or four-wheel drive because this low-end powertrain couldn’t handle it.  Because of this most shoppers went for the V6 variants that offered plenty of power and the ability to do what the four-banger couldn’t.  Even though this engine was present in the lineup, it did nothing to deter the Explorer from being a sales leader once again, but that might not be the case two years in a row; something had to be done. Continue reading What is Powering the 2016 Ford Explorer?

Can buying a car be easy?

The right answer is, “yes.” The problem today is that there are still some misconceptions by consumers and an occasional poor practice by dealers that keep the simplicity of buying cars from being realized. The car business isn’t what it used to be. Today, it’s possible for consumers to know what they need to know and for dealers to acknowledge that the modern selling experience is completely different from what it used to be. Continue reading Can buying a car be easy?

For MotoGP, the pace car is amazing

Whether you are aware of the partnership or not, the motorcycle racing circuit in Europe, the MotoGP has been partners with BMW since 1999. As builders of some of the most powerful and performance laden motorcycles and cars, the fit has been one that works well for both entities, allowing BMW to showcase new and better cars as the pace car for the motorcycles that race around the various tracks in Europe. Continue reading For MotoGP, the pace car is amazing

Family vehicles worthy of your attention

We are nearly through half of 2015 as the calendar goes, but as the automotive calendar states we are much closer to the end than the beginning as many new models will show up in the fall to kick of the next model year. This gives you the opportunity to grab some amazing deals at your local dealerships, finding great financing and pricing, but what vehicles should you shop for when you visit? Continue reading Family vehicles worthy of your attention

Staying Under the Radar: Vehicles that make Great Stealth Rides

Watching movies and seeing the awesome high profile vehicles that are used by either the hero or the villain don’t give us a good view of what reality and perception are. We know high profile and high powered sports cars are more the target of attention from law enforcement where no one expects the driver of a family sedan or wagon to be on a stealth mission or able to drive at high rates of speed. Here are six vehicles that will fly under the radar and be less likely to draw attention for drivers who typically speed. Continue reading Staying Under the Radar: Vehicles that make Great Stealth Rides