I was so going to blog about the Digg Town Hall Meeting, but…

Town Hall… I didn’t because there wasn’t much to talk about.  A few questions got answered, but for the most part, it was just plain rushed.  A few minutes past an hour into it, Rose and Adelson seemed to have something more important to do, so they were gone.

The one thing that truly stuck out (and hits home with this particular blog) was the discussion of autobury.  Again, it was basically denied, but there were enough hints to draw conclusions about how it works: [Read more…]

This story will be removed from upcoming between 20-30 Diggs

Digg AutoburyGuess what.  Autobury exists.  Despite questions being sidestepped by Jay Adelson (who answered a direct question about autobury by asking “Why would we want to do that?”), there is too much evidence to the contrary.

We are researching 5 different blogs that are on the “non-existent” autobury list.  This happens to be one of those blogs.  It isn’t banned — you can still submit a story from it — but regardless of time submitted or who submits it, it will be removed from the Upcoming section sometime shortly after reaching 20 Diggs. [Read more…]

Bogus Lawsuits, Wins and Losses, Don’t Buy It, and Other Recent News About Digg

DiggDigg.com is always a popular topic on blogs and tech news sites, but recently, it’s been the word of the day.  Instead of posting links to dozens of stories, we’ve hand-picked and summarized some of the best ones over the last couple of weeks.  Some are funny, some are sad, but no matter what, Digg is in the news. [Read more…]