It would be so nice to blog for the sake of blogging.  Many do it, posting from time to time whenever something strikes their fancy.  Others are able to find the time to post regularly despite having full time jobs.  Either way, they are in it for their passions.  They enjoy writing and having their words read, and that alone is enough to fulfill their Internet needs and scratch their blogging itch.

Sadly, we’re here to make money.  Not a ton, mind you.  Just enough to pay for this blog, buy something from Used Infiniti Boston, Los Angeles Toyota, Marlboro NissanLong Beach BMW, and to hire more writers to post to it (okay, maybe not the BMW).  We’re not trying to get rich off of this thing.  We just want to break even and have enough money left over to buy a Starbucks or two.

If the blog doesn’t make any money, it’s okay. As a blog affiliated with a social media strategy firm, it’s more important to report the news and build credibility than it is to make CPC or Adsense money.

Here, we will link to sponsored programs.  If any of them strike your fancy, by all means click on them!  Every bit helps.  We will only post programs and advertisers who we know and trust, so the quality level should be strong.

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First, we do have a corporate sponsor.  TK Carsites, an automotive marketing firm and website provider in Orange County, California, is an expert in automotive search engine optimization.  They have what it takes to make car dealers rank at the top for their search terms.

They work with  Used Cars Minneapolis, a pre-owned and new car dealer in Minnesota.  Another client of theirs is Richmond Used Cars – another pre-owned dealer, but this time they’re in Virginia.  For Toyota Parts, here is a link for you.  Finally, their ability to get Honda Dealers Los Angeles and Toyota Dealers Boston to the top of the rankings is tough to beat.

Here are some articles about them that deal with how they do automotive seocar dealer seo, and dealer online marketing.

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