Trump Raising Taxes


…not sounding very Republican
…”it’s going to be negotiated”
Todd: “We shouldn’t take you at your word?”
Raising minimum wage, too
“I don’t know how people make it on $7.25 an hour”


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Concealed carry: a woman’s perspective

What media bias? See the questions CBS asks Hillary about her emails

Hillary backs first Muslim mayor

Hillary’s anti-gun demagoguery crushed

Hillary would rather not talk about FBI contacting aides

One woman dismantles Hillary

Will Clinton back Obama on Israel?

The diversity agenda makes things worse

It doesn’t have to be just Trump v. Hillary

…or does it?

Sowell: Trump will discredit conservatism

McCarthy: After Trump, conservatives must continue to explore options

How local churches anger the gods of government

13 minutes of every lie Hillary ever told

The conservative counter-culture

Trump the destabilizer

Palin is the Democrats’ best friend

Rosen: Obama administration “unquestionably” engaged in Iran nuke deceptions

NC to Obama: “We’re not going to be bullied

The GOPe has created a monster

Deace: #NeverTrump needs to think bigger

Huckabee, Trump, and voting your conscience

Wanted: conservative heroes

Conservatism is not dead

10 Republicans who hate Trump the most

Kristol v. Katrina

Pentagon reveals U.S. troops back on the ground in Yemen

With the Peshmerga on the front lines against ISIS

Trump’s plan to destroy the U.S. economy

…threatened to cause unprecedented global financial crisis

…just a dumb idea

…also, his deportation plan could cannibalize 2% of U.S. economy

For my next trick...

First ever Muslim Miss USA converts to Christianity

2nd Amendment supporters have an unexpected Facebook ally

Brady campaign thinks criminals follow gun laws

Oregon State University to force students to take “social justice training”

Scientists conducting experiments on living unborn babies… and they’re bragging about it

Doctors call for replacing Obamacare with single-payer

Big time Republican strategist goes Libertarian

Shapiro: Bushism wounded conservatism. Trumpism could kill it.

McCarthy: In support of an independent bid

A Resurgent strategy in the age of Trump

Five ways to think about our Trumpian moment

Trump’s world: antisemitism run amok

Save the whales. Release the elephants. Kill the eagles.

Israeli Air Force attacks Gaza in response to mortar fire against IDF forces

America’s socialized transit

Another big-city mayor finds a bone to pick with the fast-food company

Republicans, apologize to Bill Clinton

The Libertarian statement no one expected from Reece Witherspoon

Trump surrenders on minimum wage

Trump on education, wrong, wrong, and wrong

Trump’s economic plans would destroy the economy

What the Wall Street Journal got wrong about Cruz’s postmortem

BLM leases Hammond Ranch land to Russia through Clinton Foundation donors for Uranium

Chris Christie’s campaign cash-out

Third Party Conservative Candidates

3rd party conservatives

After Trump, conservatives must explore their options

Romney being courted?

…Kristol reaches out

Smart gun technology is a dumb idea

Trump pushes 11 states toward the Democrats

Who will follow Trump off the cliff?

Trump will help China, not hurt it

Levin: If international trade is so bad, why has Mr. Trump spent his career engaging in it?

Trump: Women have it easier than men but I totally respect them

Christie to pay back campaign loans by selling tickets to Trump rallies

Trump doesn’t need a unified GOP to win… according to Trump

Leftists flip over “Libertarian” Captain America

Sanders and Clinton might be a ticket

When are Americans going to learn the lesson?

Most don’t know what they’ve got ’til it’s gone

Don’t underestimate the anger and will of #NeverTrump

Crooked Hillary v. Cover-Up Donald

Oregon schools to allow boys to play girls’ sports

Hillary lied about not being contacted to be interviewed by FBI

Hillary tries and fails to mock Trump’s Cinco de Mayo Tweet

FBI to exonerate Hillary?

Here’s who the FBI will question next on the email case

Gowdy takes offense to Benghazi criticism

CNN, NY Times fail to mention convicted New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is a Democrat

Dear Ted Cruz: Thank You

Erickson: Well done, Republicans

Trump must prove himself

Trump hits Graham

Report: Rubio lobbied to be Trump’s VP but has been ruled out

Christian student booted from university for saying he would not counsel gay couples

Thomas Sowell Third Party

Sowell: Third-party candidate required

Stopping 270: How a third-party candidate could win

Erickson: Conservatives want third party candidate

Party like it’s 1824

Modern warfare: Why the U.S. Army must reform

Clinton Foundation is a charity fraud. Networks ignore.

“Financial reality is not negotiable”: Puerto Rico bankruptcy could send dangerous signal to states

…America’s Greece?

Netanyahu shows how a leader treats his soldiers

DeMint: Election integrity is essential for true Democracy

Transgender activists put ideology above safety

When two’s a crowd: conservatism and reactionary Trumpism cannot coexist in the GOP

An open letter to Donald Trump

…another one from a Christian

Woman with Down Syndrome gives powerful pro-life speech

Obama’s approval rating hits 3-year-high with Trump getting nomination

Trump: This is the Republican party, not the conservative party

Trump and Alinsky’s rules

Shouldn’t it matter when a presumptive nominee keeps making stuff up?

What does Paul Ryan want from Trump?

NYT front page gushes: new Muslim mayor of London triumphs over conservative Islamophopia

ISIS puts 7-year-old to death

Firearms instructor who shot in self-defense now faces grand jury and possible prosecution

Christian conservative Alabama Chief Justice suspended over anti-gay marriage stance

Russell Moore: America is not truly a Christian nation


London has fallen

Regarding Ted Cruz, you ain’t seen nothing yet

Trump made up story about talking to Rubio recently

Trump Flip Flop

Flipping and flopping already

Two major flip flops just the beginning

The shady scenarios surrounding Trump’s meeting with Ryan

ESPN hires LGBT activist after firing Schilling

Target in full support of bill threatening religious liberties

FBI, Justice Department using Russian password-cracking software

Earthquake amnesty in the works for illegal aliens from Ecuador

Kerry tells college students to prepare for a borderless world

Kerry threatens Assad. With what, we have no idea.

Obama’s former DefSec: We lied to Israel over Iran

Apex of the Obama era: DOJ division bans use of disparaging labels like ‘felons’ and ‘convicts’

Obama is in no position to say the Presidency isn’t a reality show

Missouri House approves bill to define unborn baby as person

Jeb Bush: #NeverTrump

Levin: How will Trump fight for us?

Gutfeld: People who were cheering disruption now demand unity

Scarborough: “Donnie Boy”

David Duke: Trump is “Our white knight”

Rubio: Trump like a 3rd world strongman

Soldiers reduced to stealing goats for Food in socialist Venezuela

Senator Sessions: Criminal justice re-write would still release criminal illegal aliens

Hannity under fire after meltdown over Paul Ryan, #NeverTrump crowd

The math shows Hannity is lying or dumb

New Chicago schools bathroom policy proves liberals’ extreme agenda

Restructuring national debt

A President that learned nothing

Ben Rhodes admits administration lied to sell Iran deal

“Grand deception”

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