No Post-Credit Scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Marvel movie world has been known for high quality, high attendance, and post-credit scenes. People know not to leave the theater until the credits have run or else they’ll miss on a sneak peak into an upcoming movie. This is standard. It’s expected.

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Why Isn’t Yemen in the Spotlight?

As President Obama discusses climate change on CNN, Yahoo News focuses on scary celebrity statues. NY Times watches a South Carolina murder by police and ABC looks at poisons at a Delaware resort.

The top headlines this morning seem to have a diversity that you don’t normally see on a Wednesday morning, but one ongoing story has been absent. It might be the most important story that could affect the entire world and the US media seems to be ignoring it.

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Gas Prices are Rising but Summer Still Expected to Stay Low

The big gas price drops started up around the middle of last summer and continued to plummet into fall and winter. While gas prices are currently rising, experts believe that they will not rise beyond 2009 levels.

This is good news for travelers as well as domestic vacation destinations as a poor economy and high gas prices has put many vacations on hold in recent years. That’s likely going to change.

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The Advantages of Blogging

Okay, so you’re thinking about adding a blog to your social media repertoire, but you’re unsure what potential it has for your personal website or your business. Blogs have a number of purposes, both for individuals and corporations. Either way you look at it, you’re a brand, and blogging helps to endorse that brand. There are number of other uses for blogging besides establishing your brand, but when doing so, you must at least establish a tangible goal.

SEO – SEO stands for search engine optimization, which means a blog will help your business or brand gain that coveted top spot when it comes to search engines. Blogging is known to increase your SEO rankings by 50% if it done consistently. Publishing a blog every week, for a business, is a great way to keep pushing against the glass ceiling in order to break into the top of all search rankings. For an individual, SEO is also important. If your goal is to get your stuff read, people need to be able to find it, and SEO will help with that.

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New Spark Loses EV Option

It was a fun ride while it lasted. The ride continues as a gas vehicle, but the electric vehicle variation of the Chevrolet Spark is going bye-bye. Fear not. The domestic automaker isn’t giving up on electric vehicles. They’re just focusing everything on one new vehicle.

The redesign unveiled at the New York Auto Show demonstrates their commitment to the Spark line, but the upcoming Chevy Bolt is the new darling for electric vehicle lovers in the General Motors lineup. The new Spark has more power, smaller headlights (thankfully) and will still be a great green alternative for those who don’t find electric vehicles to be practical.

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Is the Iran Deal as Bad as Netanyahu Says?

Depending on who you ask, Israeli Prime Minister is either a fear-mongering talking head who is out of touch with foreign affairs and his own people, or he’s the last beacon of hope for a Middle East that could erupt into a new world war at any time. Then again, he might be both.

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