Hackers get into gas stations

The fact that hackers can get into the systems in cars has been a challenge for a few months. Now, there’s another portion of the travel infrastructure that they can affect: gas pumps. The good news is that they do not have the ability to do something crazy like blow the tanks up. They can, however, change the sensors so that a tanker trunk can overfill them causing a potential for fire. Continue reading Hackers get into gas stations

More countries join the ranks of having collapsing economies

There hasn’t been a time in recent history when so many countries were in the midst of economic woes, even collapses. Everyone knows about Greece, China, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico. Now, Ukraine and Iraq are falling into the same category, joining a growing list of countries that will not be able to survive without some sort of outside help… or a miracle. Continue reading More countries join the ranks of having collapsing economies

Islamic State bombs Saudi mosque

At least fifteen are dead after a suicide bombing in Saudi Arabia. The Islamic State is claiming credit for bombing the mosque that was used by members of security forces in the city of Abha, the provincial capital southeast of Mecca near the border with Yemen. Continue reading Islamic State bombs Saudi mosque

The rise of ‘weaponized marijuana’

The common perception of a marijuana induced high is that it is mellow, makes users forgetful, and causes munchies. A synthetic version of the drug is loose in New York City and other areas that gives the smokers superhuman strength, increased body temperature, and causes them to go on psychotic rampages. Continue reading The rise of ‘weaponized marijuana’

What is Powering the 2016 Ford Explorer?

When you went shopping for the Ford Explorer for 2015 the base model might have left something to be desired.  The engine was a low powered 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine that did not offer trailering or four-wheel drive because this low-end powertrain couldn’t handle it.  Because of this most shoppers went for the V6 variants that offered plenty of power and the ability to do what the four-banger couldn’t.  Even though this engine was present in the lineup, it did nothing to deter the Explorer from being a sales leader once again, but that might not be the case two years in a row; something had to be done. Continue reading What is Powering the 2016 Ford Explorer?