Dealership Gets Social with ‘Keys in a Box’ Spoof Video

Keys in a Box

When a local company tries to spoof something, it normally fails miserably. It can come across cheesy, risky, and unprofessional. In the case of Oak Lawn Toyota‘s spoof of a popular SNL skit, the end result was pretty darn spot on.

They made the video below based upon “D**k in a Box”, a popular skit that featured Andy (Andy Samberg) and Raif (Justin Timberlake). The production level, scripting, sound, and everything about what the dealership did was exceptional.

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Videos are the Missing Part of Many Marketing Campaigns

Videos in Marketing

There are two very obvious things happening in marketing today. Videos are becoming more powerful methods of broadcasting a business message because of improved technology and faster internet speeds. Strangely, there are still way too many businesses who simply won’t take the leap into the video marketing world.

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Online Videos Rise: Where are the Advertisers?

The trends are clear: more people are watching videos online and spending less time in front of the television. Perhaps more importantly, it’s easier to skip television ads thanks to technology such as Tivo than it is to skip ads online.

With such clear trends, why are companies not embracing online video advertising more?

This Infographic by our friends at BuySellAds has clear implications, but online video ads are only marginally increasing. When will big business start to understand that branding online is much more cost-effective than through traditional media?


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