A Case for “Resubmit” Feature on Digg

Recently, Digg has really started cracking down on duplicate submissions and have actively gone after those who do it abusively by intentionally resubmitting something that they know has already been submitted. This is good.


There are times when a submission is good enough to be featured on the front page but wasn’t submitted by a user with the social capital to get it the attention it deserves.  Case in point:

Boyle on Digg

There is no question that the Digg community took a liking to the video.  There is no question that the video had been submitted at least 3 times before (probably more than that). The way that Digg is set now, technically speaking, this is a dupe and should (A) not have been submitted, (B) the submitters after the first person should have simply Dugg the original submission, and (C) the other submissions should not have made the front page.

Thank goodness that the dupe system isn’t perfect or Susan Boyle’s amazing performance would not have had over 6K diggs with tens of thousands of users enjoying the video. Still, the underlying negatives associated with duping stories outweigh the benefits of having strong content hit the front page. Is there a solution that can discourage dupes, give credit to the original submitter, and focus on content as much as possible?


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Digg Attacks Dupes on Multiple Fronts (finally)

DupesDigg.com has implemented some pretty profound changes without making a peep (other than a teaser mention in a blog post last year).  They have addressed most of the problems with exact duplicate submissions, once a gaping hole in their promotion style as well as their credibility.

The Digg blog mentioned 4 months ago that:

“We’re also working on a new system that will, among other things, allow us to track users who abusively submit duplicate content.”

Abusive duping is one thing, but Digg has also implemented a change to fix accidental or simultaneous duplication of story submissions.

The two changes noticed so far are:

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Just Feed XKCD to the Digg Front Page and get it over with

XKCD will hit the front page of Digg.  Every time.  No exceptions.

The often brilliant webcomic XKCD is published on particular days and at particular times during the week.  The clockwork nature of the posts is followed by several Digg users because every post will hit the front page.  The chances of a Kevin Rose submission missing the front page is higher than the chances of XKCD missing.

As a result, every post is submitted multiple times within seconds after it goes live.  Because Digg does not “lock out” submissions once they are started, everyone who starts submitting before the first one is completed will be able to continue their submission.

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MrBabyMan, LtGenPanda, and several others talk about Digg

With Andy Sorcini, MrBabyMan on Digg, away from his home studio for Friday nights’ The Drill Down show, he graciously allowed me to pop in and have an impromptu “Drill Up” show.  We were able to interview and have a discussion with several Digg users including MrBabyMan, MSaleem, LouieBaur, Brainnovate, and Tched.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was getting LtGenPanda, the enigmatic new user who has really taken the Digg from page by storm with instant success.  Also joining us was former Digg powerhouse OptimusPrime01 as we had 3 hours of fun and informative discussions.  You can check it out here:

Live TV : Ustream

Learn more about Digg on Social News Watch.

The Simple Truth About Digg’s Lack of Profits

It was hard.  For as long as I can remember, I have not been one who clicks on banner ads.  Heck, in most cases, I don’t even see them (thank you FF).

A friend of mine who is an avid reader turned me onto Audible.com to download audio books.  With recent articles in BusinessWeek and TechCrunch about the financial woe’s they’re having at Digg, I remembered seeing an Audible ad on Digg and thought, why not?

Audible Ad on Digg

I’m going to be signing up for the service anyway.  Why not throw a bone to the site that consumes a ton of my time?

The results weren’t good:


These things happen.  I sent an email to Digg pointing out the issue and waited.  It is now 4 days later.  I surfed Digg, doing my thing, checking every time I went to a new page to see if my target ad had found me.  It eventually did, but still, it didn’t work. [Read more…]

1000, 2000, 3000 Milestones Hit on Digg

Digg MilestonesFor many, getting a story on the front page of Digg is a nice accomplishment.  Some people submit dozens, even hundreds of stories over the months and years and never make it.  Others find modest success — 15 front page stories puts users in the top 1000 ranks on the site that gets over 20 million unique visitors a month.

For a pair of active diggers, the day they hit the top 1000 list is way behind them. [Read more…]