Working in Marketing is Harder than it Looks

Stressed Marketers

Those outside of marketing often think it’s an easy job. You just have to learn how to spam, learn how to sound clever, and then get your unwanted messages in front of as many people as possible. A recent study shows that it’s not the easy, stress-free job that many believe it is. [Read more…]

Digg Slows to Half Speed, Serving 3 Front Page Stories Per Hour

Digg Logo

Update 2: The site is back up and back to 20-minute update intervals.

Update: Digg sped back up to its normal pace for a little while, then went down completely. API calls and everything are currently down.

For over 12 hours, the Digg front page has moved at half speed. Instead of the normal 10-minute interval between updates, stories have remained at the top of the front page for 20 minutes.

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The Future Help Desk

Computer Geek

Technology is getting both easier to use and harder to support at the same time. 2-year-olds are becoming tablet-savvy in ways that are changing the old joke about setting the clock on the VCR. Still, the intuitive nature of technology means an adjustment is needed in the IT help desk arena.

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This comprehensive guide is as true as can be. What does it take to be successful on StumbleUpon? Pictures. That’s it.