If your website isn’t ‘mobile-friendly’ to Google, they might not show you in search

Google is getting serious about its push for mobile, mostly because the whole world seems to be pushing everything towards mobile. Some haven’t embraced the idea and still have websites that aren’t considered to be “mobile-friendly” by the search giant. Soon, those websites won’t appear very easily in search results.

The company is in a week-long process of rolling out the new algorithm changes that they hinted to a couple of months ago. They’ve been heading in this direction for nearly three years and now it seems they’re finally making good on their promises.

Websites that use antiquated coding that is not mobile-friendly such as Flash, plus websites that have small fonts or buttons that aren’t easily pushed on a touchscreen, will be dinged by the search engine and moved down in organic rankings on searches done through mobile devices. With so many website visitors surfing the web in large part or exclusively from mobile devices, the move makes sense for Google as they try to keep up with the growing needs of their “customers” (web searchers).

According to Mashable:

It’s impossible to determine just how many of the Internet’s 177 million sites are mobile-friendly, but Forrester Research estimates that just 38% of all enterprise web sites — sites for businesses with 1,000 or more employees — don’t meet Google’s criteria. That number doesn’t even include sites for small businesses that rely on location-based searches, which shoppers discover via queries like “pizza delivery in downtown San Francisco.”

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