Digg Regrets

Digg is dead. It isn’t coming back. The current model is fine for some but the thought of using the site to drive traffic, to get a sense of accomplishment for submitting front page stories, or of getting some strong interaction from the comments have switched to be the duty of Reddit. The new Digg is just a normal website with some cool features. It isn’t special.

The old Digg was very special. It was fun, exciting, and loaded with challenges. It was a game in many ways and a friend in other ways. Some people really miss it. I know I do.

Someone else who misses it wrote a long story about it over at Medium:

Today, Digg is a very useful site. I visit it every day ever since Google Reader disappeared.Their front page stories are quite good sometimes and the technology behind the site is lightyears ahead of the duct-taped coding that kept the old Digg together. However, it has no humanity to it anymore. There are no personalities imposing their will, no conflict between power users vying for the homepage, and no websites built on the massive traffic that Digg once sent.

It’s a good website. The old Digg was a way of life for some people.

Read More: Medium

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