Diagnosing Your Facebook Business Page Challenges

Analyzing Facebook

Things are changing for businesses who use Facebook for their marketing. It’s no longer a game where the benefits can be found in bulk. It’s actually turned 180 degrees to the point that you’re better off posting a single amazing piece of content on Facebook once or twice a week than a daily post or two that doesn’t really do anything for the brand or business.

Facebook has been working on changing the way they handle page posts in the news feeds of individuals for some time, most notably in the September through October, 2012, range. During this time, many even accused Facebook of turning the social network into a pay-to-play entity. If you didn’t pay for advertising, they contended, you couldn’t get people to see your posts.

It’s a well known fact, even publicized unofficially by Facebook itself, that business pages can only expect to have their posts seen by around 16% of their fan base at best. For those who are posting too much, too little, or are posting low-quality content, this number is much higher than they’re seeing.

It has become of utmost importance for businesses to start posting less (if they’re posting too much) rather than more if they’re posts are not being seen. This is a major change from the past when you needed to pull a Larry Bird maneuver. When Bird was hot, he shot the ball. When he was cold, he shot the ball even more to get his rhythm back. That’s what used to work on Facebook. Today, such a strategy would exacerbate the problem. You could actually be pushing your posts further down in the news feeds if you tried to go that route.

If you’re having challenges getting your content seen, there are a few different possibilities to why it’s happening as well as several possible solutions. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. The only issues you need to be concerned with from a strategy perspective is whether or not you’re posting too much or too little and whether your posts are simply not good enough.

Links are hard to work with if you’re challenged. One of the ways to test out the root cause of your slump is to switch to text, images, and videos for a while. You can go back to links later, but for now post less of them if you have to post any at all. See if this works. If not, try changing up the source. Facebook’s algorithm looks at different sources of your posts differently based upon success and failure in the past. For example, if you’re posting some posts directly through Facebook.com and other posts through Hootsuite, try to identify if there is a trend. Is one performing better than the other?

Once both of these are covered, now you have to put the money into it. Yes, Facebook advertising has become a necessity rather than a luxury if you want to be serious with the platform. It’s not that you can’t be successful organically, but it’s a lot easier to have success across the board, both organically and paid, if you have advertising working on your behalf.

Facebook still has the highest potential for moving the needle for your business in the social arena. Don’t give up. Just fix it.

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