Social Business and How it is Used Today


If there’s anything we’ve learned about social media over the last few years, it’s that most businesses aren’t doing it right, but those who “get it” are hitting home runs.

There’s no other way to say it. This infographic by our friends at GetSatisfaction brings it into perspective nicely for us.

Click to enlarge.

Social Business Infographic
Via: Automotive Internet Marketing and Automotive Social Networks

  1. The problem with so called social media experts is their obsession with NUMBERS! what is the point of having 10000+ people following you on Twitter when you can’t sell to a single follower?

    My advice to businesses on social media is thus:

    01: Only publish on Twitter if you have something interesting to tweet regularly (keywords INTERESTING and REGULARLY).
    02: Don’t forget your website! Twitter is here today, it might be gone tomorrow. You have no control over what happens with and on Twitter but you do with your website. With every social media network platform you embrace, drive traffic back to your website.
    03: Get yourself a social media contact page or business card at and add a link to it in your email signature.
    04: Don’t employ anyone calling themselves a Social Media Expert – instead, spend your money on getting a copywriter!

    Just my opinion.


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