Top 237 Twitter Users Who Will Follow You Back

As Twitter hits its stride and emerges as a juggernaut in social media, the top users on the site are distancing themselves from the pack.  The race to 1,000,000 followers will be achieved in a few months by some accounts.  With such strong followings, many new or inactive Twitter users may not think that there are top accounts that will follow them back.

On the contrary, there are many. In fact, many users with tens of thousands of followers will follow just about everyone back.  Some use tools to automatically follow anyone who follows them. Others actually go through and manually add their new followers. Regardless of the method, these 237 accounts will most likely follow you back, even if you’re a Twitter newbie.

Twitter Followers

(image source: ProBlogger’s excellent article about growing your Twitter presence)

100,000+ Followers

  1. BarackObama
  2. DowningStreet
  3. TheOnion

50,000-100,000 Followers

  1. GuyKawasaki
  2. Starbucks
  3. Scobleizer
  4. BigRichB
  5. Astronautics
  6. CaseyWright
  7. PerryBelcher
  8. AlohaArleen
  9. Nansen
  10. TheBusyBrain
  11. RobMcNealy
  12. MichaeMillman
  13. Zaibatsu
  14. WBAustin

40,000-50,000 Followers

  1. Jonathan360
  2. HashTags
  3. TheDigitalLife
  4. Andrew303
  5. ESPN
  6. MrSocial
  7. ChrisPirillo
  8. Stejules
  9. DaveMalby
  10. Eleesha

30,000-40,000 Followers

  1. CraigTeich
  2. StephenKruiser
  3. Jerell
  4. BradHoward
  5. Foodimentary
  6. ScotMcKay
  7. EdStivala
  8. RockingJude
  9. ShannonSeek
  10. RadioBlogger
  11. MikeKlingler
  12. RonnieWilson
  13. DanTanner
  14. MikePFS
  15. TechXav
  16. SocialMediaClub
  17. FLWBooks
  18. Kamper
  19. AndrewWindham

20,000-30,000 Followers

  1. Oliver_Turner
  2. _SamJones
  3. KMesiab
  4. Mark33
  5. StanleyTang
  6. Barefoot_Exec
  7. JackBastide
  8. NicheTitans
  9. MarketingZap
  10. PragueBob
  11. Twitter_Tips
  12. TwitPic
  13. 00Joe
  14. JeanetteJoy
  15. OHHDLInfo
  16. MariaAndros
  17. JeanLucR
  18. TMaduri
  19. TwitLive
  20. ImogenHeap
  21. NewMediaJim
  22. MarkDavidson
  23. OpenZine
  24. BryantSmith
  26. DrJeffersnBoggs
  27. JayOatway
  28. Upicks
  29. Gemstars
  30. MichDdot
  31. SethSimonds
  32. JesseNewhart
  33. Zefrank
  34. RichCurrie
  35. KarlRove
  36. SitePointdotcom
  37. iPodiums
  38. AlexKaris
  39. HoleInHisEye
  40. Pistachio
  41. OudiAntebi
  42. DSMPublishing
  43. PeterSantilli
  44. Orrin_Woodward
  45. QueenoftheClick
  46. StockTwits
  47. MarketingProfs
  48. MariSmith

10,000-20,000 Followers

  1. MarcWarnke
  2. Debbas
  3. SteveWeber
  4. TUAW
  5. KikiValdes
  6. WayneMansfield
  7. USBargains
  8. Rex7
  9. CoffeeTweet
  10. LarryLanier
  11. JulieRoy
  12. JamesRivers
  13. MikeFilsaime
  14. Montaignejns
  15. SeanMalarkey
  16. WebAddict
  17. LarryBrauner
  18. Leplan
  19. AaronMartirano
  20. JeffPulver
  21. Teedubya
  22. DCRBlogs
  23. ShawnRobinson
  24. KonaEndurance
  25. TradingGoddess
  26. JohnReese
  27. InfadelsAreCool
  28. Techhie
  29. Nabbit
  30. DiyanaAlcheva
  31. Unmarketing
  32. Meteorit
  33. TrafficGen
  34. StaffInSeconds
  35. PeterDrew
  36. LittleQuiz
  37. TeddyShabba
  38. DawudMiracle
  39. RightWingNews
  40. OutsideMyBrain
  41. Dollars5
  42. MediaBistro
  43. Adnagam
  44. COasis
  45. NicholasPatten
  46. AlexisNeely
  47. EverywhereTrip
  48. E_Stampede
  49. ChristianFea
  50. MojoJuju
  51. eMom
  52. RizzoTees
  53. Anexemines
  54. AmericanElement
  55. TravisGreenlee
  56. RickySantos
  57. PawLuxury
  58. KrisColvin
  59. PinkElephantPun
  60. JasonFinch
  61. LonnieHodge
  62. JanSimpson
  63. Stickham
  64. DaveLawrence
  65. CaliDeals
  66. JamesByers
  67. JeffHerring
  68. Linc4Justice
  69. GSpowart
  70. HowardBienstock
  71. Peter_R_Casey
  72. BettyDraper
  73. MichaelEmlong
  74. Dexin
  75. The_Gman
  76. BobCallahan
  77. TrendTracker
  78. TylerTorment
  79. GarinKilpatrick
  80. Jim_Turner
  81. Ann_Sieg
  82. Ken_Cosgrove
  83. Frostfire
  84. Pat_Lorna
  85. WineTwits
  86. BradFallon
  87. TimJensen
  88. PhotoCanvas
  89. JasonMitchener
  90. Bill_Romanos
  91. MikeMayhew
  92. HawaiiRealty
  93. 9Miles
  94. Sotero_Garcia
  95. Loyalty360
  96. WeirdChina
  97. MarkRMatthews
  98. SteveOuch
  99. Socrates_Soc
  100. Comcastcares
  101. ChrisMoreschi
  102. CoffeeCupNews
  103. WillieCrawford
  104. LouieBaur
  105. Coolsi
  106. Nicolane
  107. NixTheNews
  108. EzineArticles
  109. Hubpages
  110. ChrisSpagnuolo
  111. FredaMooncotch
  112. SheriTingle
  113. JustingLover
  114. ShortAwards
  115. Flap
  116. SuggestionBox
  117. JimDeMint
  118. TweetStats
  119. theBilly
  120. ThaPaparazza
  121. WritingHannah
  122. 0Boy
  123. ThinkGeek
  124. LanceScoular
  125. MayhemStudios
  126. TraderAdvice
  127. Dana_Willhoit
  128. JimmySmithTrain
  129. JoelDrapper
  130. Kidscash
  131. KellyShibari
  132. SteveGarfield
  133. JasonTryfon
  134. DanSchawbel
  135. LookCook
  136. JudyRey
  137. MJBerry
  138. EdwardMoore
  139. BlackBottoms
  140. DougH
  141. CrumCake
  142. ProsperityGal
  143. Lotay
  144. JudyRey

How to Use this List

Regardless of what stage you are in Twitter, if your goal is to accumulate active followers, the people on this list are good for that.  Most on the list are active and interact with their followers on a daily basis. They retweet to their followers when they find something interesting on or off Twitter and many of them post high-quality tweets.

Some do not, and you’ll be able to identify the spammers and self-serving users from what appears in your stream. This list has not been validated for quality (maybe a future blog post) but rather to help new and experienced users grow their followers.

Unfortunately, I did the list backwards. Anyone who wants to grow their Twitter account should start from the bottom and work their way up, adding all 237 either all at once or spread out over time. The advantage of adding from this list is two-fold:

Obviously, as these users have demonstrated a willingness to follow those who follow them, it gives you a likely additional follower.

The side-benefit of adding from this list is that once you follow them, your account will, for a short period of time, be at the top of their followers list. Many users build their Twitter followers by adding the followers of users such as these, so being at the top increases your account’s exposure and the number of opportunities for other users to follow you.

This blog does not condone “Twitter Follower Spam” or whatever you would like to call the practice of adding a ton of followers, unfollowing them later, and adding more in a vicious cycle of growth, but hey, it works, and many people do it. This is just a resource to help users at every level build their accounts as quickly as they would like.

Tweet It

* * *

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  1. Great list and great to see me on it I just nudged past 20,000 today and I answer all dm’s and @ and using tweetdeck follow a a couple of interesting groups.

    Would love more people to follow me and talk with me – twitter is a growing great community.

    I discourage people using it as a dumping ground for bad vibes – if you want to do that, go somewhere else.

    Thanks again and I apreciate the inclusion


  2. What is interesting is that the top ones listed here (40,000-plus) found me, rather than the other way around. And I don’t have many followers. Does this suggest that the top folks are particularly active in finding new followers?

  3. Yay! I finally made a list on Twitter! 🙂

    I tried to tweet who follows back with a hashtag of #followsback a few months ago, but for some reason my tweets with hashtags don’t show up in Twitter search. I am being #twitteblacklisted! lo!

    I am all for following everyone back, especially now that Twitter has their “Suggested Users” to follow (with the checkmarks filled in) when a new person signs up to Twitter. This gives those people an advantage if they are selling something or want “eyeballs” for their tweets.

    @ev calls people who DO care about this “follow-ratio nazis” (, but I, just like @jasoncalacanis, think it could be beneficial to have more followers. And Twitter does too, regardless what @ev says. Why else would they have that feature?

    So, the only way to “beat the man” (lol!) is to follow back everyone! And besides, I like looking at the world through the eyes of all my followers! I have met so many wonderful, interesting, some irritating, unique people from all over the world – that is something I could not have done in “real life”.

    Happy Tweeting everyone!


  4. just figured out how to reply and who i can reply to. haven’t figured out yet how to change my wallpaper, but I LUV LEARNING and i am enjoying Twitter almost as much as Wikipedia

    and p.s. i have a couple of these already and A’ve already noticed folks who follow back usually got something worth reading, are interesting and thoughtful.

  5. The poser follow back. I don’t care if they follow back. Most of the people are so high & mighty up their own ass to talk to regular people.

    Sorry, but I refus to follow posers in it for just most and mindless information on how to be viral. They know nothing. Perhaps they should have tried an Amway IBO before trying to educate people. The people over 60K followers are people who have been in Twitter for a long time. That is the only reason why they made it to the top.

  6. While I appreciate the thought and research that went into this post, I don’t think most people are well-meaning and savvy enough to put it to good use. As Twitter has crossed over into the mainstream over the past few months, accumulation of followers has become the benchmark of “success” on twitter, and that’s unfortunate. Twitter is a great communication medium with unique potential to bridge multiple online cultures and yield close contact with concepts and personalities that might otherwise be inaccessible. Let’s not ruin it by reducing the whole thing to a popularity contest.

  7. For those of you who know who to use Ruby (needs the “twitter” gem)…

    require “twitter”
    t =“EMAIL”, “PASSWORD”)
    [“BarackObama”, “DowningStreet”, “TheOnion”, “GuyKawasaki”, “Starbucks”, “Scobleizer”, “BigRichB”, “Astronautics”, “CaseyWright”, “PerryBelcher”, “AlohaArleen”, “Nansen”, “TheBusyBrain”, “RobMcNealy”, “MichaeMillman”, “Zaibatsu”, “WBAustin”, “Jonathan360”, “HashTags”, “TheDigitalLife”, “Andrew303”, “ESPN”, “MrSocial”, “ChrisPirillo”, “Stejules”, “DaveMalby”, “Eleesha”, “CraigTeich”, “StephenKruiser”, “Jerell”, “BradHoward”, “Foodimentary”, “ScotMcKay”, “EdStivala”, “RockingJude”, “ShannonSeek”, “RadioBlogger”, “MikeKlingler”, “RonnieWilson”, “DanTanner”, “MikePFS”, “TechXav”, “SocialMediaClub”, “FLWBooks”, “Kamper”, “AndrewWindham”, “Oliver_Turner”, “_SamJones”, “KMesiab”, “Mark33”, “StanleyTang”, “Barefoot_Exec”, “JackBastide”, “NicheTitans”, “MarketingZap”, “PragueBob”, “Twitter_Tips”, “TwitPic”, “00Joe”, “JeanetteJoy”, “OHHDLInfo”, “MariaAndros”, “JeanLucR”, “TMaduri”, “TwitLive”, “ImogenHeap”, “NewMediaJim”, “MarkDavidson”, “OpenZine”, “BryantSmith”, “TYSONtheQUICK”, “DrJeffersnBoggs”, “JayOatway”, “Upicks”, “Gemstars”, “MichDdot”, “SethSimonds”, “JesseNewhart”, “Zefrank”, “RichCurrie”, “KarlRove”, “SitePointdotcom”, “iPodiums”, “AlexKaris”, “HoleInHisEye”, “Pistachio”, “OudiAntebi”, “DSMPublishing”, “PeterSantilli”, “Orrin_Woodward”, “QueenoftheClick”, “StockTwits”, “MarketingProfs”, “MariSmith”, “MarcWarnke”, “Debbas”, “SteveWeber”, “TUAW”, “KikiValdes”, “WayneMansfield”, “USBargains”, “Rex7”, “CoffeeTweet”, “LarryLanier”, “JulieRoy”, “JamesRivers”, “MikeFilsaime”, “Montaignejns”, “SeanMalarkey”, “WebAddict”, “LarryBrauner”, “Leplan”, “AaronMartirano”, “JeffPulver”, “Teedubya”, “DCRBlogs”, “ShawnRobinson”, “KonaEndurance”, “TradingGoddess”, “JohnReese”, “InfadelsAreCool”, “Techhie”, “Nabbit”, “DiyanaAlcheva”, “Unmarketing”, “Meteorit”, “TrafficGen”, “StaffInSeconds”, “PeterDrew”, “LittleQuiz”, “TeddyShabba”, “DawudMiracle”, “RightWingNews”, “OutsideMyBrain”, “Dollars5”, “MediaBistro”, “Adnagam”, “COasis”, “NicholasPatten”, “AlexisNeely”, “EverywhereTrip”, “E_Stampede”, “ChristianFea”, “MojoJuju”, “eMom”, “RizzoTees”, “Anexemines”, “AmericanElement”, “TravisGreenlee”, “RickySantos”, “PawLuxury”, “KrisColvin”, “PinkElephantPun”, “JasonFinch”, “LonnieHodge”, “JanSimpson”, “Stickham”, “DaveLawrence”, “CaliDeals”, “JamesByers”, “JeffHerring”, “Linc4Justice”, “GSpowart”, “HowardBienstock”, “Peter_R_Casey”, “BettyDraper”, “MichaelEmlong”, “Dexin”, “The_Gman”, “BobCallahan”, “TrendTracker”, “TylerTorment”, “GarinKilpatrick”, “Jim_Turner”, “Ann_Sieg”, “Ken_Cosgrove”, “Frostfire”, “Pat_Lorna”, “WineTwits”, “BradFallon”, “TimJensen”, “PhotoCanvas”, “JasonMitchener”, “Bill_Romanos”, “MikeMayhew”, “HawaiiRealty”, “9Miles”, “Sotero_Garcia”, “Loyalty360”, “WeirdChina”, “MarkRMatthews”, “SteveOuch”, “Socrates_Soc”, “Comcastcares”, “ChrisMoreschi”, “CoffeeCupNews”, “WillieCrawford”, “LouieBaur”, “Coolsi”, “Nicolane”, “NixTheNews”, “EzineArticles”, “Hubpages”, “ChrisSpagnuolo”, “FredaMooncotch”, “SheriTingle”, “JustingLover”, “ShortAwards”, “Flap”, “SuggestionBox”, “JimDeMint”, “TweetStats”, “theBilly”, “ThaPaparazza”, “WritingHannah”, “0Boy”, “ThinkGeek”, “LanceScoular”, “MayhemStudios”, “TraderAdvice”, “Dana_Willhoit”, “JimmySmithTrain”, “JoelDrapper”, “Kidscash”, “KellyShibari”, “SteveGarfield”, “JasonTryfon”, “DanSchawbel”, “LookCook”, “JudyRey”, “MJBerry”, “EdwardMoore”, “BlackBottoms”, “DougH”, “CrumCake”, “ProsperityGal”, “Lotay”, “JudyRey”].each do |name|
    puts “bad: “+name
    sleep 0.5

  8. who cares about having 100,000 plus followers? most of the people just want thousands listed for their following and don’t care what/who the person is.

    plus having all those boring tweets crowding up the ones from people who’s tweets are fun?

    maybe im just mad that i only have 50 followers. xoxo.

  9. Love the list. Although I’m not even close to getting on it (as of now I about 95 followers) lol I’m always looking for more people to follow me and for me to follow.

    Hit me up people let’s see if I can thrill ya!!

  10. I report the News and Current Events in Limerick form. People seem to love it. As of this post I have over 1800 followers and I have always followed back.

    Try me, you may even like me.

    Barbara Kent

  11. I would dare disagree with this to the extent that I think that it’s more useful to follow people who are following near a 1:1 ratio but are also following between 500 and 2,500 people. If you’re following more people than that, you are not being to be able to possibly keep up with all the Tweets and respond to more than what they use Twitter Search to pick out subjects they’re interested in. Sure, that might be good for someone that’s strictly interested in trying to get their SEO or tech blog posts noticed by a bigwig, but if you’re truly interested in carrying on conversations, someone who can keep up is more valuable.

  12. Thanks so much for putting this list together. I was wondering where the sudden boost in new connections was coming from. What a great idea.

    There are some amazing people on this list, but what’s even more amazing is the incredible connections I’ve been making with people on Twitter who are just getting started.

    This is such a valuable resource to them and I’m going to recommend it to everyone.

    Thanks again!
    Bradley Bowden, CEO
    Green Shield International

  13. Who’s that desperate for followers! Be yourself, speak ur mind, have good time, thts it. IMO To be followed isn’t da primary idea/motive of usin twitter.

  14. Still have not figured out as to how u can automatically follow people back..somewhere in the the SEttings hey?

  15. I just started my Twitter account. I am not about the numbers but about finding great people to get to know.

    Please follow me if you feel the same. I gladly always follow back 🙂

  16. I just noticed my link above is not working. Sorry, here it is (I hope)

    I stop at railroad crossings and I follow back LOL. BTW, here is a sample of my work — hope you enjoy it.

    Hope you don’t take me as haughty
    However I don’t find it sporty
    It’s more of a drain
    To be wracking my brain
    To limit each post to 140

    Love you all,

    Barbara Kent a/k/a/ @LimerickLover

  17. Hello,
    I am a new mom, I love meeting friends, books, quotations and very Positive People who aspire to a successful life. To me, success is so much more than just numbers.

    Please feel free to follow me, if you think I am interesting, I am just starting out but I promise I will follow back. I am loving the twittering.

    Thank you,


  18. @Wayne Mansfield – That’s the key, I think. It doesn’t matter how many people you add. If you aren’t interacting with others, especially @ replies and DMs, it’s a waste of Twitter.

    @JackYan – Yes, those at the top and all the way down are trying hard. The difference is that the more followers you have, the more that you’re allowed to follow, so they can follow thousands of people a day.

    @Radith – His team controls it. They were very active during the campaign – not so much anymore. But I do believe that since they are still actively adding, that they will be more active in the future, even if it’s during the next campaign.

    @TradingGoddess – Yes, you made the list. Nice work! And I do agree, many look down on those with large following lists, but it’s unfair to point fingers at those who have to try hard to get followers while others are given followers naturally.

  19. There’s merit to both sides. But if you are just starting out like me (and some of the others above) it’s hard to find followers with whom to have a meaningful Twitter relationship.

    I would be honored to follow back anyone who follows me.

    Smiles 🙂


    You can find me at @DianaSmiles. Thank you

  20. @SomaMoja wordslingAH – Followed you as well. If you have any questions, please @0boy anything you need and I will reply.

    @go natural baby – Yes, Twitter is about inclusion. It’s one of the few social media sites that truly does include everyone in the conversation.

    @Melik Yuksei – I will add you to the list. There were many who weren’t on the list because they didn’t follow back within 48 hours, but I know that I can’t always do it. Adding you now.

    @Lydia – There are so many posers on every social network. Twitter is not an exception. However, I have found that those who are at the top often still interact with anyone who contacts them. That’s the difference between someone trying to make followers just to inflate numbers and someone who really is trying to use Twitter for what it was made to do.

  21. @Amarendra – Thanks for the kind words!

    @Zanadu_Zero – Not sure how to reply, but have fun with it!

    @Bo – 3 months ago, I totally agreed with you. I have been on Twitter for over a year and up until recently I followed about 200 people, most of whom I knew, and was followed by about 800. Since then, I’ve changed and entered the “Popularity Contest” simply because the original uses were exhausted for me. It’s the direction that Twitter is heading. I think most on this list are just going with that flow. But in many ways I did prefer twitter when it was a cool little secret that less than 1million people knew about it. Now, I’m stuck in the mix. Oh well.

  22. @Lochnar – Thanks! Adding you.

    @Tom – Thanks! Fixing it.

    @Neticule – Thank you. Adding you.

    @Tom – Holy crap that’s awesome!

    @Mrintech – Adding you!

    @S K Jain – Adding you!

    @james – Twitter is awesome because anyone can find it fun and useful regardless of their number of followers. I have a friend who absolutely doesn’t want more than hit 240 followers, and he only follows 22 of them. But, he still Tweets every day! And I’ll be following you as well.

    @MayhemStudios – I think it’s good to be on the list. If we didn’t want people to know that we follow everyone, we wouldn’t follow them.

    @kdelin – Adding you!

  23. Thanks for this helpful news piece. By the way, correction on @steveouch; he does not tweet back. I have tweeted him several times & no reply. I even complimented him on his website pictures. Just an FYI. Regards, T.L. Davidson

  24. @Kelvin M – Thanks for the nice words – glad you like it. Adding you.

    @Rodney – Adding you!

    @DeeDee – Adding you!

    @LimerickLover – Adding you as well!

    @Dana – I have to say that you’re right in some regards. I know many of those on this list respond to every @ reply and every DM. I personally do as well, plus I dip into my stream to add to ongoing conversations for a couple of hours a day on and off, so I get a good sampling of what is being said at particular times.

    @OutsideMyBrain – That’s awesome. I think it would be a great resource for anyone interested in using it.

    @lollipopcrush – Thanks a lot!

    @Laura – Yes, but she doesn’t follow anyone back. Everyone on this list follows just about everyone who follows them.

    @Birat – For many, that’s absolutely true. I would say that most on Twitter could care less for how many people follow them. For those who want more followers, this list should be a useful resource.

    @billythekid – Stephen Fry doesn’t follow everyone back. He gets followed a ton, but there’s 250K people who follow him that he doesn’t follow back.

    Gotta Watch BSG – will reply to all of the other comments when I get back!

  25. Amidst all the soundalike Twitter articles I’ve been seeing, this is a nice gem!

    BTW, jim_turner is linked to twice. The second time you’ve got ann_sieg’s link pointing his way. 🙂

  26. Hey, thanks so much for this list!! I’m trying to start a twitter Topic Of The Day. Every morning I will send out a new topic. It’s great to get conversations started, or learn more about your friends..

    Follow me @TopicOfTheDay
    Also, I always autofollow too..

  27. Follow –> @Manage2Pro <—

    and we follow you back.
    Big part of our followers will follow you back as well.

    Win Win situation.

    thanks for that list:)
    Joe Alan Lester

  28. Pretty cool list didn’t even know it existed but it is true I follow everyone as long as there not spammers. If you ever follow me and I don’t follow back @mikepfs me because I probably missed you just send me message and will be happy to follow u back. Wishing you all success with Twitter.

  29. Hello, Regarding the number one on the list. Correction please it is PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. Please add the honorific. He is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Thank you.

  30. I follow most back except for spammers. I’m especially interested in tweeple with an interest in martial arts blogs. I don’t have a huge following which means I’ll read your tweets.

  31. Hmmm…and you don’t even care that you are a bunch of panting sheep just asking to be marketed to by people you don’t know and who don’t know you (and in many cases aren’t even who they say they are because twitter doesn’t verify accounts!)…

    Sure (said the spider to the fly)…follow me!

  32. I would be on this list but I tend to scare away people who have sensitive feelings, small children, and worry that cursing will cause them to spend eternity in MIAMI.

  33. Just to update errors the list:

    In the 10k-20k list, #66 JamesByers seems to be a “Suspended Account” when you click to Twitter. So, might need to remove that one.

    Also in the 10k-20k list, #136 JudyRey also appears as #144.

    Thanks for the list and keep up the great work. It would be great if you could add me at the bottom @bubbo as I follow back anyone who follows me as well!

    – Michael

  34. Awesome resource for tuning in to Twitter World as it evolves Thanks I’ll follow back anyone who’s got a glass half full attitude to life Cheers KF

  35. Nice post- This is for Lydia and the others who believe following ppl with more 5K followers cause we won’t follow back or we dont talk to regular ppl. Guess what? we are all regular ppl, now the celebrities won’t talk to you – cause they probably are like that – but the rest of us – just try and talk – it will be okay-

    Nice post –

  36. As of yesterday I finally broke 1000 followers and feel that I have a little Tweet Cred. I don’t tweet that often…so my numbers aren’t awesome. I am just amazed at the amount of time people spend on Twitter and still do other things – like not crashing their cars or silly things like that. By the way, I follow back too:

  37. Currently I have 2,649, nowhere near the standards of above, but I ALWAYS follow those who follow me as it is the respectful thing to do! The only ones that I take exception to are people who don’t bother to participate in posting new things now and then, people who just try to sell you something every tweet and of course those bloody spam bots! So there you go, I ain’t on no big list but I don’t care, I think therefore I am so feel free to follow me @ 🙂

  38. While this may increase the signal-to-noise ratio a little, i see nothing wrong with reciprocal ‘followerships’ good work, 0boy.

    Nice to see it make another go-round of re-tweets 😉

  39. You might want to put a disclaimer that these sorts of lists can result in people being removed from services like socialtoo which have said they will ban people who follow who build followers from autofollow lists.

  40. JD,

    What a great list you have compiled for others to utilize and thank you for including me on this list. If people use this correctly it can have a great impact for them.

    One thing that is important for people to remember is while adding others, it is not just a numbers game…

    Try to provide massive value, follow relevant people, entertain, inform, answer questions, provide opinions and avoid being dull in short.

    BTW.. since you have posted this article I have now peaked over the 20,000 followers mark. Thank you once again JD and keep up the great work yourself.


    Warm regards,

    James Rivers
    Twitter Power System

  41. We want to thank AutoFollowList for putting us on their list. We are growing at a tremendous rate (especially the last few days)> We want to let everyone know that we will follow you back unless you have a twitter account that posts x-rated adult content. We have a responsibility to the kids we represent. Other than that, we would like to welcome anyone else who would like to be a part of our community.

  42. •••GUYS! I have a great idea!!!!!!

    The best thing to do with this article is for everyone to RT it and make it as popular as possible!

    Think about it…
    Anyone (just like us) who clicks to read the article is interested in getting followers. If everyone retweets the article surely each person will get more followers as the trend continues.

  43. Thanks for the list. I was pleased to see that I recognize most on the list. Am adding some that don’t. I really don’t want anyone to follow me, just to dump me later, but I follow back everyone that follows me. Any takers?

    Unfortunately, I am limited on how many that I can follow in hopes that they will follow me back, so I try just to follow those who follow me at this point. Is this more than 140 characters? 😉

  44. I just passed 2500 followers after joining the Twitter community in Jan 2009. Met some phenomenal folks and have the best interactions around. I always follow back.

    See you on Twitter


  45. I don’t have the numbers of the aforementioned Twitter users, but if you follow me, I will follow you back. That’s how I roll. I am a writer for the movie and TV site Think McFly Think.

  46. Are you going to add my name to the list? Thanks for replying earlier that you were going to. 🙂
    I guess you haven’t had time to add it, then sorry about this.

    Thanks again!

    – @gotmelik

  47. I will and do follow all that follow me. I do not spam and I do not like spammers. If you spam me you will get un-follow.

    I think this list is a great way to get and talk to new peoples. I like talking and will talk to anyone.
    So have fun and see you on twitter. PS. I am known as “crumcake” on twitter. lol

  48. Great compilation!

    How about a list for us belonging to the long tail of social media enthusiasts? Morris the cat has predicted that I will have 1000 followers within 30 days. He got help from TwitterCounter ( @TheCounter ). I often follow back, but I have some personal touchstones. You will get a clue if you read my bio and my tweets.

    You could follow me at:

    All the Best,

    Martin Lindeskog – American in spirit.
    Gothenburg, Sweden.

  49. Twitter are clamping down on many who follow more than 2,000 people so adding 250 at once could be a problem. I certainly try to follow back all followers and many in this list are already on mylists though as my folowing grows at a faster rate, it is a challenge keeping up. Arthur Chappell

  50. First of all thanks for the effort which went into the original post. You obviously achieved sth that adding lots of fellow twitter users won’t: start a meaningful conversation.

    I agree to Bo (BoJacobsen) that “Twitter is a great communication medium with unique potential” so we should better filter the noise, listen and start talking back and not just collection followers who don’t mean anything to us except adding to our follower-count total.

    Oh … and by the way if you care to follow someone who will most likely not follow you back if you’re just collecting people, try

  51. Hi this is great if you are looking for interesting peoplet to follow. I always follow and answer back.. I take it as a compliment that somebody should be interested to know more about me, so naturally I think it is only manners to recipocrate likewise. wishing you all the very best on twitter and look forward to knowing all you wonderful people :))

    just in case you would like to follow me

  52. Don’t forget to follow me at

    Now I have to be completely honest. I only will follow about 1/2 of those who follow me. Reasons I won’t follow the other half: if you’re a spammer, if you’re only trying to hawk your product or service on your website, or if you post 30-40 times a day with completely frivolous garbage. If you engage in good conversation, if you post useful or meaningful tweets, and understand the concepts of “brevity” and “restraint”, then most likely I’ll have you as someone I follow.;-)

  53. ooops forgot to say I won’t follow spammers, nothing more boring than a page full of tweets where someone is just advertising their good for sale on a website.. That is not what Twitter is about,It’s about meeting wonderful people from all parts of the earth and from all walks of life.
    Look forward to meeting new twitterers:)

  54. We bring great titles to you daily. Special notice to Twitter Authors. DM your titles.

    We do not spam, we do not sell. We are motivated by providing a service to authors, publishers, big and small, old and new and especially to our most important followers READERS.


  55. Most people on Twitter do not even read the Tweets they get from others. After 10 or 20 different people to follow how can anyone keep track of them?

    After a couple of month’s on Twitter I am becoming more and more not impressed with it.
    Great for a few close friends, family or colleagues, but beyond that worthless.

  56. Follow me and I will follow you back:

    To save your time, please Follow only if you are interested in either:

    a) Learning about Financial Modelling & Spreadsheet Programming via LIVE Online Seminars, or

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  57. I’m a week in to my experiment to see the results of following all 237 people in your list above (I was following some already), and thus far about 40-50 have not followed me back.

    I have, however, had a significant ripple affect, as far more than 237 people have followed me during this period.

    I’ll give it another week before deciding what I’ll do with the non-followers, but just an FYI. I won’t name names, as that’s a bit unfair, but it does cast some doubt on some of these folks’ claims.

  58. As a designer of free & custom Twitter templates, I want to attract a large following. I don’t, however, auto-follow, although I think everyone is should have their own usage strategy. I probably follow about 8/10 followers; if I get an extra “spammy” vibe from your profile, then you’re the minority of non-returned follows. I do have 2 Twitter accounts, however, and my other account is more stringent.

    If I followed you because your tweets were interesting, I won’t unfollow you in a week or so if you don’t return the follow. That’s fine. This is the scenario I hate: you follow me, I return follow. A week goes by and you do not respond to any of my tweets, retweet, answer my replies or acknowledge my tweets. You then unfollow me. That’s ridiculous. Stop “gaming” the system.

    Anyway, if you use Twitter with a lot of generosity, pinch of wit and dash of insight, you’ve got my support, no matter what your follow audience size.

  59. Aloha from a new twitter on the Big Island of Hawaii,

    Sunset now..
    Like following those with interesting ideas and who give links to interesting articles
    from whale sightings on our coast, spinner dolphins, ancestral history to expand the bigger picture of ones mind, ancestral travel coming to VR worlds, like Rome Reborn, ballet and dance performances, great music and well all about life…
    so there you have it..tweet tweet

  60. Great list for those just starting out (or just getting serious!) with Twitter. The comments are turning out to be a great source of friendly Twitterers too.

    I’m just starting to take this stuff seriously – I’m one of those guys who’ll follow you back when you follow me. Most of my tweets are personal observations and comments on social media.


  61. Wow, very helpful indeed. It’s absolutely mind boggling how simple updates can take over the world! Well done twitter. Now all you have to do is monetize your business…Good luck!

    Follow me if you’re interested in Apple products or “Green” Business : )

    (you wouldn’t begrudge me a shameless plug would you?)

  62. Hello All’s it is a very very relative information a nice collection of Twitter Follower’s and that the race to 1,000,000 followers will be achieved in a few months by some accounts….thanks for guide.

  63. ^^^^
    There’s mine. I honestly do not return follow everyone. I look at every profile that follows me, and if you are conversational I will return follow. If you’re just posting links, spamming, or talking to yourself, I probably won’t return the follow.

  64. I find Twitter to be a highly useful medium to connect with people who can help each other either in their personal lives or business lives, and in some cases both. I love the resources that are here. If I have a question, I can go out on Twitter and have someone come back with an answer or resource. As to followers and following, sure there are people I follow who will probably never follow me back, but that’s ok as I like them as a resource any way. But as a common courtesy, I do follow people who follow me. I always try to do that. I try not to miss anyone, though it may take me some time to catch up to them. And I always reply to messages. By the way, anyone who got this far down in the posts beyond me should be recognized for their persistence!

  65. Hi, I think Twitter is a very powerful tool not to be abused. The most important feature is the power of the ReTweet. By building a relevant follower base you increase the chances of your message being spread. Please feel free to add me here

    I do not use an automatic re-follow system. I take time to review who you are and what you post. If I do follow you please rest assured I truly think you add value to my network.


  66. Producer & director of a new sitcom.
    Daily requirements: art, film, comedy, great music, design, laughter.

    10,642 Following

    i follow everybody who likes to laugh and i enjoying sharing entertainment news, information, and some occasional geek jokes.

  67. Great post. Interesting to see who’s getting followed. Some of them baffle me. Guess I’ll have to follow and see what the hubbub’s about
    RobertB1963 <–worth following (wink wink)

  68. Follow-backs are almost the norm it seems — it’s no longer, “follow who interests you”, it’s, “follow who follows you, or else they might not like you anymore”…

    Twitter’s great, but the game seems slightly childish.

  69. Interesting list, but Who cares about adding random people?? Why are people on twitter obsessed with having people who don’t care about what they have to say ‘follow’ them??

  70. Well, I AM a long-time business owner (creator of the best cold sore preventative & canker sore healing remedy that no one’s ever heard of), so am working to increase followers, however, equally interested in connecting with interesting people (extra points if U make me laugh) w/high quality posts. I offer the same, good info and resources, share personal tips/insights if I’ve struggled with what you’re struggling with, and posting really funny stuff. Oh, and am an animal lover so stuff on that too. Yes, of course I’ll follow you but please post something more interesting than you’re tired.

  71. The key here is to pay attention to your list so you can follow people back. I found some very interesting people just in the comments here but after over a week they haven’t followed me back.

    That’s why I use Tweetlater to automate the follow-back. If you’re not paying attention to your followers, you prob won’t engage anyway.

  72. With python you can make relationship with all people on this post and replys (04/09/2009) with following code:

    # requires python-twitter and simplejson libraries
    import twitter

    api = twitter.Api(username=’###’, password=’###’)

    friends = [“barackobama”, “downingstreet”, “theonion”, “guykawasaki”, “starbucks”, “scobleizer”, “bigrichb”, “astronautics”, “caseywright”, “perrybelcher”, “alohaarleen”, “nansen”, “thebusybrain”, “robmcnealy”, “michaemillman”, “zaibatsu”, “wbaustin”, “jonathan360”, “hashtags”, “thedigitallife”, “andrew303”, “espn”, “mrsocial”, “chrispirillo”, “stejules”, “davemalby”, “eleesha”, “craigteich”, “stephenkruiser”, “jerell”, “bradhoward”, “foodimentary”, “scotmckay”, “edstivala”, “rockingjude”, “shannonseek”, “radioblogger”, “mikeklingler”, “ronniewilson”, “dantanner”, “mikepfs”, “techxav”, “socialmediaclub”, “flwbooks”, “kamper”, “andrewwindham”, “oliver_turner”, “_samjones”, “kmesiab”, “mark33”, “stanleytang”, “barefoot_exec”, “jackbastide”, “nichetitans”, “marketingzap”, “praguebob”, “twitter_tips”, “twitpic”, “00joe”, “jeanettejoy”, “ohhdlinfo”, “mariaandros”, “jeanlucr”, “tmaduri”, “twitlive”, “imogenheap”, “newmediajim”, “markdavidson”, “openzine”, “bryantsmith”, “tysonthequick”, “drjeffersnboggs”, “jayoatway”, “upicks”, “gemstars”, “michddot”, “sethsimonds”, “jessenewhart”, “zefrank”, “richcurrie”, “karlrove”, “sitepointdotcom”, “ipodiums”, “alexkaris”, “holeinhiseye”, “pistachio”, “oudiantebi”, “dsmpublishing”, “petersantilli”, “orrin_woodward”, “queenoftheclick”, “stocktwits”, “marketingprofs”, “marismith”, “marcwarnke”, “debbas”, “steveweber”, “tuaw”, “kikivaldes”, “waynemansfield”, “usbargains”, “rex7”, “coffeetweet”, “larrylanier”, “julieroy”, “jamesrivers”, “mikefilsaime”, “montaignejns”, “seanmalarkey”, “webaddict”, “larrybrauner”, “leplan”, “aaronmartirano”, “jeffpulver”, “teedubya”, “dcrblogs”, “shawnrobinson”, “konaendurance”, “tradinggoddess”, “johnreese”, “infadelsarecool”, “techhie”, “nabbit”, “diyanaalcheva”, “unmarketing”, “meteorit”, “trafficgen”, “staffinseconds”, “peterdrew”, “littlequiz”, “teddyshabba”, “dawudmiracle”, “rightwingnews”, “outsidemybrain”, “dollars5”, “mediabistro”, “adnagam”, “coasis”, “nicholaspatten”, “alexisneely”, “everywheretrip”, “e_stampede”, “christianfea”, “mojojuju”, “emom”, “rizzotees”, “anexemines”, “americanelement”, “travisgreenlee”, “rickysantos”, “pawluxury”, “kriscolvin”, “pinkelephantpun”, “jasonfinch”, “lonniehodge”, “jansimpson”, “stickham”, “davelawrence”, “calideals”, “jamesbyers”, “jeffherring”, “linc4justice”, “gspowart”, “howardbienstock”, “peter_r_casey”, “bettydraper”, “michaelemlong”, “dexin”, “the_gman”, “bobcallahan”, “trendtracker”, “tylertorment”, “garinkilpatrick”, “jim_turner”, “ann_sieg”, “ken_cosgrove”, “frostfire”, “pat_lorna”, “winetwits”, “bradfallon”, “timjensen”, “photocanvas”, “jasonmitchener”, “bill_romanos”, “mikemayhew”, “hawaiirealty”, “9miles”, “sotero_garcia”, “loyalty360”, “weirdchina”, “markrmatthews”, “steveouch”, “socrates_soc”, “comcastcares”, “chrismoreschi”, “coffeecupnews”, “williecrawford”, “louiebaur”, “coolsi”, “nicolane”, “nixthenews”, “ezinearticles”, “hubpages”, “chrisspagnuolo”, “fredamooncotch”, “sheritingle”, “justinglover”, “shortawards”, “flap”, “suggestionbox”, “jimdemint”, “tweetstats”, “thebilly”, “thapaparazza”, “writinghannah”, “0boy”, “thinkgeek”, “lancescoular”, “mayhemstudios”, “traderadvice”, “dana_willhoit”, “jimmysmithtrain”, “joeldrapper”, “kidscash”, “kellyshibari”, “stevegarfield”, “jasontryfon”, “danschawbel”, “lookcook”, “judyrey”, “mjberry”, “edwardmoore”, “blackbottoms”, “dough”, “crumcake”, “prosperitygal”, “lotay”, “judyrey”, “judyrey”, “dougslinks”, “wordslingah”, “amarsrivastava”, “lochnar”, “neticule”, “mrintech”, “skashliwal”, “copsucker”, “kdelin”, “lauralovesart”, “nepalsites”, “apocketofcoins”, “apocketofcoins”, “jianart”, “yarnmerchandise”, “nicoledean”, “anonyguy”, “aliciabankhofer”, “fitdelicious”, “heatherinbc”, “flomeimberg”, “billyjackson”, “goodpasture”, “browncrownmedia”, “murraynewlands”, “somethinspecial”, “kubalek”, “bubbo”, “elrobe”, “openhippo”, “starmars”, “rickyrod1385”, “hawaiidave”, “creepypasta”, “dylanfogle”, “frankparker”, “rickyrod1385”, “rickyrod1385”, 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“wordslingah”, “charcurley”, “how2tips”, “fortunekookie”, “tom_siwik”, “fortunekookie”, “pramitjnathan”, “jamesfk”, “cardiffliving”, “websiteexpress”, “tcotta”, “urdomesticbliss”, “interney”, “matthewmadotcom”, “safetymatters”, “dansalles”, “monalizaamid”, “erikg1”, “istupidx”, “sameer_khan”, “sameer_khan”, “prichmond14”, “paulschwend”, “gerrigee”, “outcyde”, “ireland_oneteam”, “cashflowcindy”, “cashflowcindy”, “successwalls”, “jodigirl”, “coachingguru”, “robinbarr”, “traderstudent”, “rabieslegacy”, “advnery”, “2_0”, “belfast_news”, “cacobart”, “sydnesummer”, “otalo”, “seo_v”, “celebclubber”, “manup4”, “smartcanuck”, “chillami”]

    for friend in friends:
    except Exception:
    print “Error %s” % friend

    More from:

  73. good article and good list. Keep in mind that this isn’t always a number game, though. Signal to noise ratio is what gets you noticed.

    You can scream the wrong message to a million people or the right one to 10 and be more successful. Be relevant.

    I follow everyone that follows me, and generally will not unfollow those that stop following me, it just isn’t worth the constant monitoring and ‘tweaking’.

  74. I can see value in this list, but at the same time I wish people weren’t so blindly caught up in follow numbers. Twitter isn’t a popularity contest. Social media ego is just as big a problem as social media spam.

  75. Found the article via twitter and wanted to let you know. I have followed and been followed by almost everyone here so far. Great post. I will be following here and on twitter.

    later all and have a profitable productive day

  76. Well I guess it’s not always about quantity but also about quality.

    Funny Twitter should be a social media, but a lot of these people follow more people than the population in my hometown.

    Well i follow a few of them, but have also unfollowed some of them.

    But nice list anyhow

  77. Thanks for the great list and information. While I have been involved in a different capacity on twitter for some time, I am just setting up everything for an educational consulting firm. Always appreciate the help.

  78. Thanks so much for taking time to do this research and sharing it among others.
    I am right at 16,000 followers and I follow back. Can you please put me on your list? : )

    Thanks so much,
    Cindy Leavitt

  79. Thanks so much for taking time to do this research and sharing it among others.
    I am right at 16,000 followers and I follow back as well. Can you please put me on your list? : )
    Thanks so much,
    Cindy Leavitt

  80. I am an aspiring singer! And I really enjoy meeting new people, and learning new things! I am young, but I love learning new things! Follow me on twitter, especially my inspirational people! Doesn’t hurt to have the comedians either! Hope to see you behind me!

  81. I agree with what many have said- followers on Twitter ain’t the currency it used to be. I get this from an information flow standpoint, but it’s always funny to see how much stock we put in those follower counts these days.

    Everyone wants a megaphone…

  82. Twitter is the best way for me to share messages of inspiration and hope with those who genuinely seek more out of life.

    And because sharing is a two-way street I always follow back.

    Best regards to all.

  83. Frankly, I’m torn. I love to use Twitter to actually engage in an entertaining exchange of ideas. And sometimes recipes. I’m an entertainment podcaster and cook. However, most people with Twitter accounts don’t actively participate, they just like to read the posts. Hmmm.

    Jane Ellen

  84. Please put me on the list. I have 21,200 followers and always followback, retweert, follow Friday and read a lot of my followers’ tweets. I try to be interesting and help others.

  85. Hair and beauty publisher, blogger and stylist. We are new to twitter, but love to learn about new hair trends and latest products. We look for strategic tweeter fellowship.

    We follow everyone following us.

  86. How does this work I need some help I have never done this where does these people follow me and why I am missing some important info Margaret