Cleaning the Shoutwaves: Digg makes changes to shout system

Shouts.  I noticed a couple of changes in the way that shouts work.  I could be wrong, as I wasn’t much of a shouter, so please feel free to flame me if none of this is news to you.

A week and a half ago, we published Lost in a Sea of Shouts: 7 Ways Digg can Fix the System.  It made it to the front page of Digg, but as fate would have it, it occurred just after 3am PST on Sunday morning — the worst possible time to go popular.

Whether someone at Digg read the article and started applying the changes (highly unlikely) or if they had already recognized the flaws themselves and changes were in the works for a while (much more likely), it still looks good that 2 of the 7 suggestions seem to have come true:

#3 – Shouts by Fives – While this wasn’t implemented the way it sounds, they have made a change close to it, only better.  Notice fewer bulk shouts lately?  It’s a whole lot tougher.  I’m hoping that someone who has experimented and has confirmed data on this will comment, but here is the result if you try to send shouts to a ton of friends at a time:

Shouting too fast on Digg

As always, the witty verbage is a plus in Digg errors.

#4 – Shout at Fans – Of all of the tips, this is the one that seemed to be the most “duh”.  Why shouldn’t we be able to shout at the people who adore us?  Our fans are our lifeblood.  They deserve the right to get our shouts!

Still waiting for my personal favorite suggestion to come true:

#6 – Two Shout Sections – Please, oh please, separate out the “Share it” shouts from the ones where someone took the time to click on a profile and write a wonderful insight into life.  Those who digg their spam will like it.  Those who don’t digg their spam will LOVE it.

Pound for pound, it looks like Digg is making moves to be even better than it already is.  Did they make changes based upon an article from this blog?  Chances are very slim. Either way, we don’t care.  We’re just happy that changes were made (and hopefully more are being made).

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  1. Indeed. Those shouts quickly became annoying after 100 of your befriended freaks start shouting at you every other day. 😉

    “Kids are so cool” check out this post. “Top 100 pranks to pull on your homeroom teacher!” snap “The Chewy family photo!”

    Oh wait. The last one was from :]

  2. I’ve only been really using Digg for a couple of months.
    That said some of what you have put together in your wish list would be nice to see there.As for the spam thing, hey don’t really care. The delete button isn’t that far away.
    Yes and I agree fully, we should be able to shout at fans, and you can if you make them friends right?

  3. Wait a minute, are you telling me that if we want to shout our friends we need to do it in fives or it’ll fail? It’s pretty dumb, why have the feature at all? That is so tedious and a quick way to frustrate users. If you don’t want people shouting then turn the damn function off or remove it from Digg altogether!

  4. @Technology

    No, the limit is higher than 5, but you can’t mass shout to hundreds at a time anymore. I haven’t found the hard limit, but I know that 20 at a time does work and 68 or higher doesn’t work, so the limit is somewhere in there (either 50 or 25 is my guess, but need to experiment more).

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