Facebook jumps ahead of Myspace in Traffic (depending on who you believe)

MySpaceFacebookThis really isn’t a question of Facebook vs. MySpace.  It’s a question of Alexa.com vs. Compete.com.

According to Alexa, Facebook jumped ahead of MySpace last week to technically take the #6 spot.  While it hasn’t changed on the official Alexa Top 500, a close examination of the line graph comparison shows the too big dogs in social networking neck and neck on Novemeber 20 and 21.  Facebook jumped ahead by a small margin after that.

Compete.com paints a completely different picture.  Despite the slower updates, MySpace still have a huge lead lead in October, 2007.  It shows MySpace at 65 million versus Facebook’s 24 million.

The trends over the last several months have shown both websites growing in traffic sporadically over the last year, but Facebook seems to be making bigger gains.  That could change, as Facebook Beacon, their new user-data-driven advertising program, has drawn a tremendous amount of heat from users, critics, and watchdog groups since its launch this month.

MySpace Facebook Alexa

This all brings up three questions:

1) Will the increase in revenue be sufficient to compensate for Facebook’s “loss of face”?

2) If Facebook succeeds, will MySpace follow with a similar ad platform of their own? (perhaps they’ve already starting it)

3) Who’s right, Compete.com or Alexa.com, and why is there such a discrepancy?

*Bonus Question* – Does anyone really care outside of the financial driving forces behind the websites in question?

*Bonus Answer* – Probably not, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

  1. Yeah and in a year or two you will be writing about the social network that is trouncing Facebook.

    It’s a cycle no doubt! The future social networks will be virtual world like as seen currently in Cyworld.com, Hive7 and Sleep.FM.

    The Internet won’t remain in love with white backgrounds forever!

  2. @Tim – You’re absolutely right. Facebook was a blip when MySpace was on 20/20.

    @Nick – I will check your blog out.

    @Paul – Funny, never thought of that! I need to find a free favicon editor. Know of any?

  3. Facebook has always struck me as adult compared to Myspace. Seems that I read something in the last few days about Myspace possibly moving towards business blogs though.

    Still if someone asked me to check out a Myspace page they would automaticly move to my ignore page compared to being asked to eval. an app from Facebook.

    Maybe it just me but that is my honest feeling. Hats off for noticing the traffic change.

  4. @Robert
    Facebook started out targeting college (Harvard), why MySpace targeted youth in general, so your opinion is probably shared by many.

    I have a story about how MySpace should be targeting business – just click on my name.

    Thanks for the great comments!

  5. I think that as circulation for newspapers, the traffic rankings for the sites are the measures of success.Many businesses use them in reports and clips. Who should we believe with these rankings and why can’t they be made more universal?

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