The Social Reason that Transparent Pricing Works

Social Mobile

If one didn’t know any better, they might believe that our company was in the business of helping dealers price vehicles. We’re not. We’re a social company first and foremost, but there’s a reason that we point most of our clients towards Automark Solutions. It just makes sense.

Today’s example came to us through a non-client. It was a friend in the business who was having pricing challenges at their dealership. Apparently, they were getting eaten alive on social media by a customer who was not very pleased with the way that their online pricing didn’t reflect the pricing that they actually qualified for in their situation. Technically, it wasn’t even a customer of the dealership that was delivering the trouble but rather a boyfriend of a girl whose mother had the experience.

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Big Data Needs a Great Interpreter to be Effective

Data Analytics

I really don’t like dashboards. They tend to make a lot of sense to the people who built them as well as the people who work with them regularly, but those who do not use them all the time tend to have challenges in finding uses for them. Even the best dashboards are more beautiful than effective.

This wasn’t always the case. I’ve participated in building dashboards in the past. We made them visually stunning, loaded with data, and intuitive to the point that they would adjust based upon the users’ preferences. This is great, but what I’ve learned over the years is that they really don’t bring much value to the average business. In our world, the automotive industry, there is no shortage of dashboards that present data nicely, but it’s hard to find dealers who use them properly. It’s not that they can’t. It’s that the time and effort it takes to digest the data, no matter how wonderfully it’s presented, often falls to the wayside as a luxury activity. In the car business, the people who would get the most value out of a great dashboard are the people who are too busy to use them properly.

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The Real Reason that Facebook is Changing to Non-Promotional Business Posts


The recent announcement that Facebook is not going to be allowing businesses to post advertisements that are masquerading as stories seems to be a play for more profits. Everyone seems up in arms that Facebook would have the gall to force businesses to pay for placement of their promotional material on their free service and they’re calling them out for being greedy. That’s a small part of it, but it’s not the real reason behind the move.

In reality, people don’t want to see it. The users of Facebook have always been the focus of the company to the point that their management has been famously caught by investors saying that they want to make money to improve the platform rather than improving the platform to make more money. They have it right. The money will come. As long as they can keep people engaged on the social site and continue to gain new users faster than they’re losing them, the money will be a simple side-effect.

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Dealership Gets Social with ‘Keys in a Box’ Spoof Video

Keys in a Box

When a local company tries to spoof something, it normally fails miserably. It can come across cheesy, risky, and unprofessional. In the case of Oak Lawn Toyota‘s spoof of a popular SNL skit, the end result was pretty darn spot on.

They made the video below based upon “D**k in a Box”, a popular skit that featured Andy (Andy Samberg) and Raif (Justin Timberlake). The production level, scripting, sound, and everything about what the dealership did was exceptional.

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How LotLinx Fits Into Our Marketing Offerings

Tailored Suit

It’s easy for us to point to social media or search engines as our bread and butter. They make sense. With the goal of Dealer Authority being to help dealers generate more business, the focus on search engines and social media makes sense because they’re the most obvious ways for dealers to move the needle on their marketing. We can send shoppers to the inventory, which is exactly where we want them to be in order to achieve our clients’ goals (and thus our own goals at the same time).

LotLinx seems to be out of place at first glance. It isn’t social media. It isn’t about search engine marketing. How does it fit in so nicely to our offering if it has nothing to do with our core? The answer lies in the way that they operate their business. They send shoppers to the inventory on the dealership’s own website. They bypass the lead forms and other methods that third-party sites use to keep visitors on their own websites and they transfer the shoppers directly to the dealership.

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Bringing Back the Social News Watching


A hiatus. We went on one with this particular blog. It’s not that we lost any passion for the concept that launched Social News Watch back in 2007. We just got busy delivering automotive social media awesomeness to clients, but thankfully growth and strong hiring have allowed me to look back at the things I had to let go and put the right effort back into them.

Social News Watch is one of those ancient projects that is about to see a rejuvenation. We’ve continued to post social media content on sites like DealerBar and DrivingSales, but now it’s time to get back to our roots. Let me explain.

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